5 App Programming Languages That Will Make You an App Developing Maestro + 2 More

App development is a GREAT profession!

First off, though working with app development software to build apps is indeed a tech gig, it is also a creative one that can be rewarding in ways that, say, being an accountant could never be. Next, app developers get cray cray perks such as AirBnB coupons and unlimited vacations. And, finally, making apps pays. Payscale says that an app developer makes about $62,000 a year when just starting out.       

But, before you can start raking in vacations, free AirBnB stays and fat stacks of cash, you have got to make sure you know your way around app development software by being fluent in the right mobile app development programming languages regardless of if you want to build native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps. Below are the five app programming languages that you simply MUST know if you truly wish to be an app developer rock star along with two other options.    


I know… I know… HTML is so 1990s. But HTML5 was released just a few years ago, and it is indeed an amazing coding language. In fact, it is still the programming language standard that is used on many, many app development software programs.


C++ is a widely used programming language that is compatible with many app development software packages for a reason: a wide range of app development software programs use C++ because it can be used to make mobile apps for both Windows and Android devices. When paired with the right app development software, C++ is an incredible tool!

Objective-C and Swift

These two app programming languages are what will empower you to create iOS apps. Objective-C is a subset of C-language which means that its learning curve is not steep if you already know C++. The graphics and displays Objective-C produces when paired with the right app development software can be downright stunning.

Swift is the newest programming language for iOS apps. Since it is new, there are, as of yet, not as many app development software programs for it. However, the number of app development programs that can handle Swift is increasing at a rapid rate. If you develop apps for Apple devices, you must learn Swift.


Java is a great programming language regardless of which app development software you are using because it is so darn flexible. First released way back in 1995, this coding language and its subsequent versions have withstood the test of time. Android app developers tend to prefer Java along with the functionality offered by their chosen app development software program.


Yes, Windows does indeed make mobile devices and phones and, yes, there are Windows app developers making a great living creating these apps on their app development software. However, if you aren’t going to be making Windows apps, you can skip learning C#.

App Development Software Requiring No Coding Language

And, finally there are app development software packages that do not require any coding languages whatsoever. These no-code app development software platforms use drag-and-drop functions to create apps. However, this of course makes for clunky apps. If you want to be a professional app developer, you need to avoid using app development software that does not need app programming language.  


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