5 Quick Affiliate Marketing Methods to Grow your Business to the New Levels

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online these days. Thanks to the ever-growing internet and millions of websites, it has made way for many small businesses who thrive on this idea. However, there are many pros and cons to evaluate before you start with affiliate marketing with the intention to earn loads of money. You have to weigh the pros and cons to find out if it’s really going to work for your business.

Affiliate marketing is a broad term that covers several methods that one can apply on their website and earn profit. When used jointly with a reputed affiliate marketing software you would know where you stand with the clicks, and conversions helping you keep a track of your profits.

Before we find out which affiliate marketing methods can help you earn more revenue, let’s see how affiliate marketing has evolved over the years.

Growth of Affiliate Marketing

Majority of the websites earlier were created by very small businesses and affiliate marketers. The internet was not so chock-full earlier and thus, it was far easy to drive the desired web traffic resulting in steady profits.

Affiliate marketing was all about looking for the right affiliate products, setting up affiliate websites for promotion of the products, finding out about 50 keywords related to each affiliate product and writing effective and exclusive content with these keywords. And there you go! That was all what was required to do well in the affiliate marketing in the past.

Meanwhile, the large-scale businesses were increasingly getting conversant with the affiliate marketing’s effectiveness and so, they started working more towards building their online presence with increased focus and funds. Around the same time, while search engine like google were emerging and supporting big names in the search results, blogs were also going through a major overhaul with business blogs taking over the usual diary-like personal blogs.

There was a time when Google started downgrading the affiliate websites that were low-quality an outdated, and that did not follow the SEO rules. Despite all of that, affiliate marketing still sailed through and came out stronger than ever with marketers coming up with more matured methods and implementing them accordingly.

So, what are the right affiliate marketing methods that you should implement to grow your business to the new levels?

Discount Coupons

Coupons were once a big hit with the affiliate marketing and it maintained its popularity for many years. Working on an online coupon business can earn some good revenue for you. Being an affiliate, you can offer coupons to your customers that will get them discounts or great deals on some products. This gesture will help your customers save money and in turn, they will keep returning to your website and increase your conversions.

The best way to implement this strategy would be to always offer the best deals from your kitty. Although the commission won’t be great, you will gain the trust of your audience which will eventually be a long-term gain for you.

You can add the discount coupons either to external coupons and deal sites or to your own coupon website. You can also add value to these coupons by adding some product related information or focus on user interaction. For this, you can add more options allowing the users to get involved, rate your product, comment on the offer, and so on.

Pay Per Click Advertising

This is paid advertising or PPC in short that helps market your affiliate programs and measure your growth. PPC essentially helps to increase the number of customer emails in your mailing lists or market the YouTube videos or webinars. These ads can also be just used to send any searches to the merchant website.

This is perhaps one of the best ways to take advantage of the organic search to drive traffic that’s highly targeted typically to a specific home page.

In PPC model you need to pay for each click and not for placing the ad on a search result page.

So, how does it work?

It’s the aptitude of buying and enhancing the targeted ads for the specific phrases. For example, when users enter specific keyword in the search engine bar that matches your ad, your ad comes up along with several others on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

PPC is indeed a great technique to make sales instantly, provided you have the required knowledge and skills.

At the same time you must also be associated with a trusted affiliate marketing software that will keep a track of the clicks in real-time so that you don’t lose count of the conversions.

Product Reviews

This especially works great for those who with blogs. Writing a detailed product review complete with a balanced view that is, along with the pros and cons is the best way to start your journey with affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is to create a website and start writing about your favourite products. We use some or other products on a daily basis and so, we can easily start reviewing the personal care products. This especially works great for a beginner in affiliate marketing.

Just make sure that you maximize the chances of article to get a better ranking on search engine pages by implementing SEO best practices.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been one of the best online marketing techniques since the time we know about it.

You can start by adding a hello bar on the top of your website or blog’s home page. This should be prominent enough so that the visitors are attracted to it as soon as they enter your site.

So, what do these hello bars all about?

These bars can help you promote an eBook, worksheet, checklist, and more that will ask for the user’s name and email address. Alternatively, you can also install a pop up that appears as the user is about to leave the site capturing his/her information. These are some of the ways you can create an effective mailing list.

Webinars for Product Promotion

A live webinar is a fantastic way to connect your audience with useful information related to the product. This is far more effective than PPC or email marketing.

Whenever you want to buy a product, you would first like to know how it works and what are the uses. While you can obviously read any online or physical documentation or a guide related to it, joining a live session is much more helpful as it clears all your doubts with the expert. The live interaction leaves a much better impact than reading.

Affiliate marketing is still a profitable option in the current times, however you must know which techniques to use and how. Make sure that you use a great affiliate marketing software from a reliable name so that you can keep a track of your co versions, while you can associate with a wide network of other affiliates and influencers who can help you promote your product. While the above are the tried and tested techniques that produce great results when implemented effectively, the will to continue is also important at the same time.

Author: Sohel Ather

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