A guide to Implementation of POC for Automation

What is proof of concept in software testing?

Proof of Concept Testing is the procedure by which an organization tries out the achievability and honesty of a proposed procedure or task. They’re frequently allowed to the customer, aside from whatever strong assets the group needs to execute the main job, and are regularly short in time.

PoC generally just takes about up to 14 days of your duration before giving you with an actionable outcome, however right circumstances will rely upon the multifaceted nature of the current project.

One of the approaches to do a proof of concept in automation testing is to have a pilot project as the primary thing finished with new tool. This will utilize the tool on a small scale, with adequate time to investigate distinctive routes in which it can be utilized. Goals must be set for the pilot so as to fulfill what is required inside the current authoritative setting.

How to prepare POC for automation?

Executing test automation POC is an urgent and regularly utilized technique for acquainting a tool with an association. When it is chosen that automation is to be done and a device has been picked, the time has come to make a proof of concept prototype and present it to the administration for featuring the ongoing utilization and advantages.

  1. Decide the test cases that we will use in the proof of concept test plan.
  2. It assists the regions and customers will be most inspired by proof of concept testing.
  3. Plan to demonstrate manual versus automation in a way, which demonstrates that there is no breakdown in the quality by picking automation.
  4. Include a test case that fails and brings outcomes finding a defect this fortifies the tool doubtless can discover defects.
  5. Use declarations and approval points wherever important.
  6. Show plainly ranges that can and can’t be automated.

Generally the accompanying aspects can’t be automated:

  • Video steams
  • Flash content
  • Non-static pictures
  1. Highlight if the tool fulfills the accompanying requirements?

Would it be able to automate all the key highlights of wanted application?

Is automation conceivable on a similar program that is required by the project?

Will automation call for change in app implementation? (Such as for automation it is essential that component identifiers are one of a kind and does not change each time the page is summoned)

There are three conceivable results from the Proof of Concept technology:
  • None of the tools meet the requirements adequately.
  • One of the tools meets the necessity better that the others, so we can choose it to be utilized as a part of our projects.
  • The circumstance is uncertain, more data is required. For this situation requirements should be revised.

A proof of concept testing mostly should be done ahead of schedule in the advancement cycle. The proof of concept process is utilized to approve specialized attainability, recognizes potential hindrances, distinguishes what a stage can or can’t give, and decides the extension and level of customization important to finish the project.

The proof of concept in performance testing can likewise help in finding performance testing POC issues. Generally, today, we gather many of our solutions/applications in a “composite” form. We’re re-utilizing services, capacities, and so on from different applications. This re-utilize requires integration points. These integration points in our overall “context” are screening with the prototype attempt. While as well approving suspicions with respect to what the automation POC template or system can or can’t give.

Implementing Pilot Project:
  • Measuring the attainability of performing the test cases utilizing the picked tools.
  • Picking rules to be set for the particular application tool under audit.
  • Picking test cases for the pilot project implementation.
  • Building up a coordinated system for automation. This incorporates making a reasonable situation for coupling together different segments that requirement to perform in pair.
  • Execution of the proof of concept steps.
  • Discovering bugs or defects if any and reports it.

We can summarize this blog by saying that proof of concept for software testing is an important part of automation testing procedure. It lays out the comforts associated with successful achievement of automated software testing, thus conveying a powerful finished result.

In this segment we have fundamentally determined our emphasis on automation testing, however similar remains constant for manual testing too. Documentation of anything shapes the outline of a task which fortifies the establishment relying on our whole software system is constructed.


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