Top 5 Ways CRM Mobile Apps are Changing the CRM Industry

More than half of the world’s population is now online. Yes, you heard it right. Internet has taken us and everyone around us by the storm. The year 2017 experienced was big for IT industry. According to the Global digital reports by We are Social and Hootsuite, about quarter of a billion users came online for the first time in 2017.

Internet is changing the way humans lead their everyday lives and there is no doubt that mobile phones are contributing to support this positive change wave. There are around 5.135 billion people using mobile phones and among them 4.021 billion people are online and using internet to enhance their lifestyle.

The above numbers are huge and they will keep on increasing year-on-year. Along with the numbers, the technology is also advancing at the same pace. Everything available on desktop is doable from your mobile and mobile apps.

Basically, you can perform any function from any corner of the world. Nobody is bound to the desk anymore. And this trend is making a huge dent in the CRM industry too. There are mobile apps available that are capable of performing most of your CRM functionalities.

And if you don’t believe us, then here are top 5 ways CRM mobile app is changing the CRM industry.

  • Accessible Data

Businesses that use CRMs have a huge customer base. In such cases, every piece of data becomes invaluable. And to access data from anywhere takes business operations on another level itself.

Team members on the field don’t have to carry heavy papers around anymore. CRM Mobile app has made data accessible from any part of the world.

  • Prompt Customer Service

Gone are the days when customers used to be patient. Everyone wants quick and easy customer service or they will just move on to the next thing. In today’s scenario, providing quick solutions becomes necessary to succeed.

And CRM mobile app lets you do just that. You can reply to customer queries on the go, provide support whenever asked, and solve cases from anywhere.

This also enhances customer satisfaction which builds a solid foundation for long-term customer relationships.

  • Personalizing Customer Experience

CRM mobile apps are changing the way businesses are interacting with their customers. Now, the marketing team can communicate and target the customers in a whole different way giving them a feel of personalized experience.

Moreover, they can track the social media activities and create unique content for them.

  • Efficient Team Communication

Team communication plays a vital role for sales department in any company. And it is necessary to communicate the smallest of details when it comes to client deals. This becomes efficient with CRM mobile app as the sales reps on the field would be able to track all the activities happening on a particular customer or prospect.

This way the sales department becomes more productive which makes the overall development of the organization inevitable.

  • Faster Decision Making

Any department head will be able to make a quick and tactical decision with the access to real-time data from CRM mobile app. Having all the needed information on the fingertips means the manager will be able to fine tune the strategies as when required to improve the final results.

These are just 5 ways a CRM mobile app makes a huge difference in business operation and more importantly the productivity of everyone in the organization. Doesn’t matter which CRM using there are mobile apps for each and every one of them like TapCRM – SuiteCRM mobile app, Salesforce Mobile App, SugarCRM mobile app, etc.

Such apps help all the business owners to facilitate their customers in the best way possible creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Author: Maulik Shah

How WordPress Customer Portal Can Grow your Business?

An eCommerce business is no less than a small child. The keen interest and supervision on all your interactions with your business determine your success and roadmap. From managing store inventory, product orders to customer relationship management all of them are important business aspects. While there are a plethora of modern applications available to handle tedious operations like inventory management, shipments, returns, and so on, a customer portal plays a vital role behind managing your customer interactions.

Customer Portals enable streamlined communication between clients and employees. Based on the purpose of your business, you can leverage the functionality of portals to improve the day to day interaction cycle between you and your customers. If you are using the most powerful & renowned CMS WordPress to run your website operations, then let’s explore the ways a WordPress Client Portal helps your business grow.

We have explained some of the most common real-world use cases a business can harness the client portals:

Easy Paperwork: When there is a business, there is a lot of paperwork involved. The only condition is that it should be in sync and available to the client and the employees simultaneously. With the help of a portal, your customers can easily upload their files into a structured file system which is accessible to everyone.

Knowledge Base: An exhaustive Knowledgebase is the best way to make sure your customers are up-to-date with your business offerings and are getting the help whenever required. It helps you eliminate the office visits of your customers. They can easily find the answers to their questions. This way you can be there for your customers 24×7 without actually being there.

Project Collaboration: If you own a type of business which requires constant feedbacks and communications with the client, a client portal can be helpful because it enhances the way your business interacts with the customers. It enables easy transportation of files between you and your customers. Especially if the majority of your staff works remotely.

Other ways a WordPress Customer Portal Helps Businesses:

One of the major benefits of WordPress Customer Portal is that it makes communication for customers simple and effortless. Whether they have any concerns regarding the services, or they want to suggest something, they can easily raise tickets by logging into the customer portal. The admin can process these requests at earliest and resolve the client queries.


It offers an optimized customer experience along with the following benefits:

  • Enhances customer relationships.
  • Helps you Identify the potential prospects and customers
  • Render a detailed analysis of your customers
  • Helps you identify a new potential customer base
  • Increases the Return on Investment ratio
  • Lowers the customer service costs related to hardware, software and human interface.

Available for All Industry Types:

When it comes to portals, they are not limited to any type of industry. A client portal can help your business to grow rapidly and consistently in the ever-growing global market. Because with the streamlined customer portal you can make your business operations more professional and leverage the enhanced relationships with clients.

Bottom Line

While your CRM contains all the interactions between customers, suppliers, partners, prospects, and all other contact types, the WordPress Client Portal allows you to provide quick but limited access of your CRM to all the stakeholders with a single step login. The client portal also helps your customers to track the current process of their tickets, requests and check its updated statuses.

It can be a bit tricky to find an ideal partner who provides an integral WordPress Customer Portal with your CRM. It remains a bit challenging to find a solution which works with your CRM like Salesforce, SuiteCRM, Dynamics CRM and more. But once you figure out the right partner, your business will swiftly progress!

Author: Maulik Shah

Interesting Reasons Why Chrome is better than All Other Browsers

Number of Internet Explorer that you can use on your computer or your laptop, there is no denying that Google Chrome out beats them all by a huge margin. Whether you use an explorer on your phone, whether you plan to use it on your computer, Google Chrome is one of the most convenient and easy to use internet browsers that you will find.

If you are still confused whether you should switch to a new browser or continue using Google Chrome then here are some interesting facts about Google Chrome that makes it better than all the other explorers that are available in the market.


One of the best things about using Google Chrome is that it is a very simple to use Internet Explorer and it happens to be very user-friendly. The design of Google Chrome is clean, and it is not over the top in any manner. Most browsers have multiple link that they ask you to click on and too much information and fluff that is loaded on the site. This is something that is not on Google Chrome and this is exactly what makes it a simple and convenient to use browser that comes with an interface that works perfectly for people of all age groups.


Time is of the essence today, and the last thing people want is to spend too much time waiting for a page to load. The best thing about Google Chrome is that it has quick speed and it ensures that even with Limited connectivity heavy pages open a lot faster in comparison to the other browsers available.

There are times that people face the err connection error with Google Chrome, but this is something that is very my no and you can now learn how to fix err connection reset problem on your own without having to switch to a browser that is not as convenient and simple to use as Google Chrome.


Google is one of the best web based services that you will find which automatically supports the fact that the security available on this browser will be better than any of the Other browsers that you use. Whether it comes to preventing a virus or a Malware attack, ensuring that all the bug fixes are done on time making sure that you do not download a file that is unsafe, using Chrome is definitely a better solution because of the various security benefits that it comes with.

Add Ons

Google Chrome is an interesting browser that allows you to have better and more defined experiences on the web by using various add-ons that can work out to your benefit. There are a number of extensions you will find on the Google Chrome tab that make it convenient for you to use the browser to way you want. Not only does it allow you to add whatever you want to from the internet, it also enables you to block advertisements, popups and other such information that could frustrate you during your browsing experience. There is no denying that when it comes to personalizing your browsing experience Google Chrome is definitely the most effective way to do it.

Platform Independent

Google Chrome is an independent web browser. This browser can be compatible with almost every operating system and this makes it more user-friendly than ever. The best part about using Chrome is that you can extend the service on your mobile phone and you can have your browser history merged together making it easy for you to continuously work without any interruptions or break even when you need to switch devices.


One of the best ways to figure out just how interesting and effective Google Chrome is is to check how popular the browser is. Over 60% people in the market have confessed to preparing Google Chrome over any other web browser. From Safari to Firefox, there is no comparison between these browsers mainly because of the various benefits and independent features that Google Chrome has to offer. Ever since Google Chrome was introduced in 2008, no other browser has managed to gain as much popularity as compared to Google Chrome, making at the number one pick for people of all age groups across the globe.

Quick Updates

There are some amazing updates that keep coming up on Google Chrome from time to time, and the best part about this update is that you can get it done with the click of a button within a matter of minutes. Unlike most browser that you need to uninstall and reinstall in order for it to get updated, with Google Chrome you just need to go to the extensions and get the update whenever it is available. This is the most user friendly update that you will find.

Easy Migration

People these days are always short on types and one of the best thing about Google Chrome is that it understand how important it is for you to get things done fast. This is where the Google Chrome migration feature comes in Play. It is very convenient for you to migrate all your information from one system to another and get a personalized experience with the use of Google Chrome. Your entire bookmark and other information can automatically be transferred to multiple devices making it convenient for you to use that information and access it whenever required.

Apart from that, chrome also enables you to sign into old your Google account saving you a lot of time and ensuring that you can get audio information by the click of a button. The design of the browser itself is simple and effective and is being created for you to work seamlessly without wasting any time. Send it belongs to one of the largest companies in the world, you can be rest assured that when you use Google Chrome on your information remains confidential and nothing can get leaked out.

Author: Sohel Ather

Spy on Your Partner’s Phone This Valentine and Safeguard Your Relationship

Valentine day is coming and the couples are preparing for the special day. The day brings great joy and happiness to people in love. On valentine day, most of the couples spend time together and enjoy the best moments. However, there are some people who are worried about their relationships and this day of love and romance makes they feel it even worse.

Some women, as well as men, have serious concerns with their partners as they think they are cheating on them and can be dating someone else. This is literally a huge problem for many people in relationships as they love their partners but are heartbroken when they see them cheating and dating other men and women. For this, they need to have fixed the issues. If you have a problem in the relationship, fix it right now so that you can enjoy on the valentine day.

Using BlurSPY- The Best Spy and Monitoring App

You might be wondering how this is possible to fix the issues. We have got a fix for you and this is just amazing. All you need is to monitor your partners with a spy app. BlurSPY is a wonderful monitoring app for people to let them track any android device. The app works in a great way and helps you spy on the phone of your partner. You will figure out within a day if they are cheating on you. But how the app works, what features it offers and you can catch your cheating partners is discussed below.

What Does This App Do?

This is a spy and monitoring app. That means you can use the app to monitor any android phone or tablet. The best thing about the app is it works in the background. The person on whose device it is installed will never know about it that they are being tracked and spied on. However, you will have to physically access the phone to install the app. everything later can be done remotely.

How it Monitor the Device?

The app works in the background and the person you want to spy on will never figure out this app is installed on their phone. You will download the app from the given link and it will be installed after you follow the instructions. Remember, you will need to have the phone for a few minutes in your hand to download and install the app. Once it has been installed, you can operate it remotely.

You will also need to install the app on your own device to give commands and activate features. You will go to the dashboard and activate any command. Once the command is given, the app will start monitoring the target phone for any sort of activity like calls, messages or social media. The files are uploaded to your account that you can open to view the details, recordings, and other files.

Features of the App

There are many things that you will need to monitor to completely find out the truth and facts. If you doubt your husband or wife, you will need to check their phone for calls, messages, social sites, emails, multimedia, and even the locations they visit in a day or certain time. All these features have been offered in the app in order to empower the users and let them track the phone in any way possible.

You can check the phone calls on the target phone. All incoming and upcoming calls are recorded if you activate the feature. Otherwise, it shows the history of every call, the phone numbers, contacts as well as the time and duration of the calls. This feature is helpful for anyone who believes their partner is cheating on them. With call recordings, you will figure out the truth.

Another feature is to track the text messages. Many people prefer messages instead of calls so that they can do it secretly. But the app will give you access to all the text messages on the target phone. When you will turn on the feature, it will show the text messages, the body of the text, numbers of the sender as well as the receiver, time and other details.

Apart from this, you can track the live locations of the target person. The app keeps a record of all the weekly locations your target person has visited in the last week. With BlurSPY Android spy you can check the multimedia files, gallery, photos, audio messages, voice calls, and many other things. It also allows users to view the messages on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and other social apps. This will surely help anyone catch a cheating partner.

Author: Sohel Ather

4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Having a Mobile App

If somebody wants to read an article on the internet today, or check their mail they don’t need to wait until they get home or to work in order for them to access the computer, all the need to do is pull out a Smartphone and they will be able to read whatever it is therefore looking for. This is the convenience of using a smartphone, and with his convenience company importance of mobile technology and the effect that it has on end users today.

As a business owner, you need to understand that in order for your business to grow you need to stay updated with the latest revolutions in technology that have been introduced in the market. Not only does this work well to promote your business, it also works well when it is necessary for your business to create an impact in the market.

If you want to make it easy for the consumers to reach you there is a little effort that you need to put into it. One of the best ways for you to do this is to create a mobile application. After all, technology is now in the pocket of almost every user. If you have been thinking about developing a mobile application, but you aren’t too sure how the users will benefit and how your business will grow then here are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Provide More Value to Your Customers

In order for your business to make a sale you need to offer something to the customer. It is all about reciprocation, and unless the customer looks at the product there isn’t going to be any demand. Considering how many people use their smartphones for almost everything today, not having a mobile application is simply not even targeting those customers. If you want to nail down the right customer you need to engage with them and the best way to do this is to create a mobile application that will let them know your business is here to stay and is ready to be at their convenience and available to them whenever they need it to be. Mobile applications are more user friendly because they can be accessed whenever the user wants to and no matter where they are. If you want your business to grow this is what you need to offer your customers and that’s exactly what mobile applications offer.

Build A Stronger Brand

There is no denying that when a business course online it becomes more visible to users. When it goes on a mobile it becomes even more visible because that’s where most of the people spend their time. Mobile applications become viral and popular as long as it is user friendly and effective. When you launch your mobile application this makes it convenient for users who are interested in your business to contact you more regularly and it even helps people who haven’t been in touch with your business to learn about it. Mobile applications are the best way to grow your business and to establish a brand because it tells people who you are, what you do and how you can help them.


When it comes to mobile app development, there are a number of things that you need to look out for. One of the key elements that all app development companies look out for is profitability. While most app development companies will ensure that they do everything in their power to build brand name and increase profitability, the one thing that they miss out on is user experience.

User experience is underrated and is one of the key elements when it comes to increasing sales. Imagine this, if a particular member of a household is interested in your app and he or she gets other members of the household interested in your app, this will increase the sales within a matter of days. It’s basically word of mouth publicity that will help your app gain credibility in the market. Irrespective of the number of ads that you pop up or the number of marketing campaigns that you become a part of, customer satisfaction is the key to increasing sales and profitability.

You need to make sure that people are interested in your app and the features are something that will help them in their day to day life. Uses have become smarter these days and they do not just download apps that will not really help them. Your app needs to add value to their life and you need to make sure that you are giving them returns for their investment.

Customer Connectivity

Communicating with your customers and keeping them up to date with your business is something that a number of businesses have been doing for years. Customer service and after sales service is something that needs to happen in order for the customer to stay loyal to you. There are billions of people that have smartphones in their palms today. You need to make sure that you keep a majority of those customers interested in your app so that you can sustain in today’s competitive market.

If you are not too sure how you can communicate with your customers, then you need to look around and see what the big players are doing and how they are enhancing customer experience. The difference between a failed app and a hugely successful app is customer experience and customer service. While app development companies mainly focus on the experience part of it, they usually miss out on the service part of it. If your app is not adding value and is not giving resolution to the customer immediately, they will not hesitate in uninstalling your app from their device. Irrespective of whether you are in the gaming industry or the customer service industry or even the finance industry, customer service should be your priority and you need to make sure that you add value while making a customer’s life easy.

Author: Sohel Ather

How the Test Automation Tools Prove to be Boon to Testers?

Each software development company characterizes a type of value benchmark to ensure their product never give up. These benchmarks can be effectively accomplished by utilizing open source test automation tools as it can return multiples of the amounts of time and effort contributed. Setting desires with partners and entrepreneurs is critical to guaranteeing that everybody is pushing toward a similar vision of achievement. Similarly as critical is setting desires of profits and speaking with them after.

Each Software development team tests its software products, yet conveyed software dependably has defects most of the times. Test engineers endeavor to get them before the product is discharged however they generally sneak in and they regularly return, even with the best manual testing procedures. Although the test automation tools is an ideal approach to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and scope of your software product testing.

However test automation tools list is used for the most exceptional testing philosophy which decreases the human efforts and guarantees a quick turnaround, we see a lot of software a tester ignore open source test automation tools works on thinking of it as renders their job repetitive and shuts their career opportunities. The greater part of the testers abstains from adopting a list of test automation tools even when the application has a complex architecture which is hard to test manually and brings general quality expenses up as far as poor test scope, belittled test case generation, and delayed testing.

In this respects, specialists propose that it is critical to understand the key requirements before seeing whether it is wise to utilize test automation tools for mobile apps or depend on manual testing processes. As they would like to think, under different conditions, manual testing may not give the normal quality result and render the whole attempts a costly and the time-consuming issue.

Aside from these, there are a few different reasons why using software test automation tools advisable for testers.

Here are the best ways how open source test automation tools prove to be boon in their testing career:
Gives Better Test Management and Integrity of Tests

Test automation management tools give the better management of test cases and libraries giving more space to testers to reuse them. In addition, the foundation of the majority of the tools supports various condition, frameworks and information structure which gives more odds of incorporating diverse kinds of test cases to perform distinctive sorts of testing.

Decreases Repetition

Manual testing is a dull and time-consuming process since a tester does repeat execution to check the application working each time a source code is changed or before each new release. The consistent tiresome movement regularly leaves the testing procedure tedious which expands the chances of mistakes. Then again, the automation tool for automating regression testing decreases the tedious efforts, optimizing the whole testing process.

Builds Test Coverage

With automation test tools, testers can grow the profundity and extent of testing which expands the scope. The aspects which frequently go unattended in manual testing are secured totally with best test automation tools. Automated testing not only tests the essential useful codes as well as drills down to the business layer/rationale and database layer to test the center of the application in the shortest possible time span, which is not really conceivable with manual testing. Subsequently, test tools and automationincreases the test scope and give exact quality outcomes.

Gives Accurate and Consistent Results

Test automation tools open source expel the subjective and assumption that people frequently make. While computing or making a few reports, people have a tendency to preclude something or clarify information mistakenly, which isn’t the situation with test automation tools. The various types of test automation tools guarantee exact execution and result in surveying the execution of software even in complexities and offer target result which is steady, fair and secure.

Gives Independent and Unbiased Test Environment

Utilizing test automation tools help testers to set up an autonomous test condition which does not influence the normal software development and upgrade tasks. Certain tools likewise accompany a predefined test execution strategy and scheduler engine that executes the whole testing cycles without human intercession, giving reasonable and fair-minded outcomes.

Considering all the above advantages of test automation tools, testers can truly support their testing attempts and upgrade their general efforts. In addition, it can give awesome approaches to test a huge number of test situations and volumes of information in a fraction of minutes which is never achievable by human hand. In this way, adopting automation tools can be what tops off an already good thing for testers since it progresses their abilities and career openings independent of the technical quality and years of experience.

TestOrigen is one of the leading software testing companies using various open source test automation tools for automating database, regression and functional testing of the web or mobile apps.

Author: TestOrigen Software Testing

Defining the Traits of a Perfect Customer Portal

‘Customer Support’ has undergone a huge transition over the years. From haggling with the customer support executives on the phone to finding all the solutions online, we’ve come a long way. However, not all digital experiences are up to the mark. Not all of them are engaging, user-friendly, and responsive.

To be able to provide the customers with what they’re looking for, it is important to have customer portals. With the help of it, you will be able to render glitch-free personalized experiences that reach the expectations of your customers.

Significance of Client Portals

If you have worked around customer portals, you must have come across some of the common ones including portals for banking services, mobile network companies, water connection portals etc. On the other hand, the customized client portals come with features that can address the precise requirements of your customers with the help of specific tools, services, and content. For example, if you need a WordPress Client Management portal, you might have to get in touch with a company which can customize it for you.

So, what are the traits that your Customer Portal must have to be able to serve customers better? Let’s take a look:

Offers Superior Self-Service

A recent study has proved that almost 59% consumers and 71% business buyers feel that if there is a self-service portal available to them, they feel more connected with the brand. Also, facilities like Knowledge Base, Chat Services, and Service Requests are no more a privilege. They’re more of a necessity.

Most of the clients expect the above-mentioned self-service facilities from a portal. So, whether you have a Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress Portal, it must have the potential to offer an excellent self-service experience.

Is Dynamic and Adaptive to Change

One of the most important traits that a portal must have. If a portal cannot adapt to your business needs as and when your business grows, it’s of no use. Get in touch an organization that works on an open source software which is flexible and enables easy integration.

In case you don’t want to hire programmers to work on your portal, you can choose to invest into a portal that provides you with the features and functionalities you’re looking for. You must also ensure that it is user-friendly and non-technical professionals can use them.

Is Safe and Secure

Customer portals can be vulnerable. These possibilities are likely to go up if you have a WordPress customer portal. So, in case you’re looking for a WordPress Portal, you must ensure that the it offers you with SSL and encryption. It should also offer your users with a sense of security when they are accessing sensitive documents like invoices, credit card information, and address.

It is advisable to ask for a trial period to use the portal and opt for it only if it seems secure for you and your users to access information.

Has Analytic Tools

Stagnant digital experiences are boring. If you want to render value through your WordPress Client Portal, it is important to evolve. And this is possible only if you have tangible values that help you to analyze and scrutinize the aspects you can improve upon.

Invest into a portal that helps you to understand how your pages perform, whether or not users are able to find what they’re looking for, and what features has a negative effect. A superior quality portal comes with comprehensive analytic tools as well as reports using which you can know about the impact of your portal on the users. Once you obtain information from the portal’s analytic tools, you can work towards enhancing customer experiences.

Has Customer Centric Functionalities

A customer-centric portal is the one that comes with functionalities that are beneficial to the end users. It is less likely for two customized customer portals to be like each other as every business has different goals. Now, whether your software comes with security hierarchy, multi-language support, or advanced search functions ensure that it can solve the problems of your customers in the best possible way.

Although there are several elements responsible behind the making of a good client portal, it is worthy only if it helps you to build up a loyal customer base. The one which is tailored to your customers’ experiences will provide your organization with the success that you’re looking for.

Provides Scalability with Business Growth

Irrespective of your business goals, your portal must have a good level of scalability. Get it built in such a way that it can mitigate against the disasters, if any. Which means, it should not only be safe but should also have the potential to cope with the increasing workload and be adaptive to business growth.


Author: Maulik Shah

Awesome Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to enhance the business growth and establish a successful brand. From small businesses, to multinational organisations, all of them focus on affiliate marketing because they know just how effective it can prove to be. However, considering how competitive the market is, the right affiliate marketing strategies are definitely essential for the business to grow. Whether you are looking for the best natural health affiliates or affiliates that can help promote a retail business, it is important to choose the right techniques and methods that prove to be fruitful. Here are some strategies that are important for you to follow.

Choose The Right Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is convenient mainly because it gives you the power to choose the people who can help influence consumers to purchase your product. In order for you to influence these people you need to pick an audience that is strong enough to create awareness about the brand as well as let people know why your product is better. Apart from product promotions you need to see whether or not these people have the knowledge about your product and whether they have a large enough audience to convey the benefits to.

You also need to understand that not all affiliate marketers are successful from the start; you need to make sure that they have the passion to promote your product and they know your product well. If you have enough knowledge about your product then this will benefit your business greatly.

Attract Sales With Coupons, Deals And Promotions

A foolproof method to grab more attention to your product through affiliate marketing is to lure customers into purchasing from you by offering them coupons for discounts. This helps them to feel more valued and the fact that they can save money is definitely going to drive them towards purchasing from your business. With these deals there is a higher chance that you will make a sale even if your product is more expensive as compared to your competitor. It is common human behaviour to choose something on sale even if it is more expensive as compared to something that is available at a retail price which may be lower than the sale price.

Optimising Product Pages

Most of the companies usually rely on their affiliates for sales to come in. What they usually do is invest in various affiliate marketing strategies and they wait for the sales to walk into the door. However what they do not realise is that they play a huge part in making sure that the potential customer converts into an actual customer. This is done only on the product page. While your affiliate may get your potential customer to your page, if the visitor cannot understand anything that is mentioned on the product page and is not able to get any of his or her questions answered then you will miss out on a potential sale.

The product page plays a vital role in converting a visitor to a customer. There are a number of factors that need to be kept in mind when creating a product page. The site needs to load very fast in order for the customer to retain his or her interest. Moving from the affiliate site to the product site can get frustrating if the product page takes very long to load. Customers usually do not have a lot of time in hand and if your page takes more than 10 seconds to load there is a possibility that the customer will close the window and move on to another page.

You also need to make sure that you are providing sufficient information to your customers regarding the product that they want to purchase. No customer will purchase a product without getting their questions answered. These questions could be regarding the specifications of the product or it could also be regarding previous customer experience. If your customer is not able to get answers to any of these questions they will not purchase your product. You also need to ensure that there are product photos that are displayed on your product page. Online sales happen because of the customers being able to see the product. Statistics have shown that a product page without any pictures of a product will never sell. Your product description also needs to be engaging and should create a want in the customers mind.

Multiple Sources

One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make is focusing only on a single channel. Affiliate marketing can be done through various channels. Rather than only focusing on social media promotion or sales site promotions, you need to expand your affiliate marketing promotions. One of the best ways to do so is with the help of email marketing. Email marketing and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. There are a number of customers that usually get converted through email marketing. If you are not too sure how to conduct your email marketing campaign then you can go online and check for the professionals that are able to do this.

Another way of getting more customers is getting noticed on the product review blogs. There are a number of websites that conduct product reviews for various kinds of products. If you are able to get your products reviews on these pages then you can be assured that you will get more customers to your product site.

Earning more revenue and getting sales through affiliate marketing is not an easy task. However if you are able to find the right balance between promotion and information then you will hit the right nerve with the customer. Trust plays a major factor in a customer converting and this is what you need to keep in mind when picking your affiliate marketing strategy. The more the trust, the better the chances of you being able to sell products. Once you earn the trust, you will also gain a customer for a lifetime.

Author: Sohel Ather

The Big Difference b/w Defect, Bug & Fault should be known

The definitions of the defect, bug, and fault may change relying on the unique circumstances. As in simple words “A mistake in coding is called error, error found by the tester is known as the defect, defect acknowledged by development group then it is called bug and if the build does not meet the requirements then it Is failure.”

In a case, somebody commits a mistake or error in utilizing the product, this may lead specifically to an issue – the product is utilized mistakenly thus does not behave as we anticipated.

But, individuals likewise plan and manufacture the product and they can commit errors during the outline and build. These mistakes imply that there are flaws in the product itself. These are called defects or at times bugs or error fault failure in software testing.

At the point when the product code has been manufactured, it is executed and after that, any defects may cause the system to fail and do what it should not do that leads to failure. Yet, not all defect analysis in software testing results in failures; some stay dormant in the code and we may never see them.

The defect, bug, and fault are normally utilized terms in Software Testing. Individuals new to testing have numerous inquiries with respect to the utilization of these terms.

So, let’s understand the difference between defect and bug in software testing as well as a fault in software testing by concentrate each one independently.

What is a defect in software testing?

The departure of a quality trademark from its predefined values that outcome in a product not fulfilling its typical utilization needs. The ‘Error’ presented by software engineer inside the code is known as a defect life cycle in software testing. This can happen due to some programmatical ‘mistake’.

The defects are then answered to developers by means of defect tracking tools like Asana, Jira etc and also via providing defect report in software testing.

What is a bug in software testing?

A Bug is the aftereffect of a coding Error or Fault in the program which makes the program act in an unintended or unexpected way. It is a proof of fault in the software. Bugs emerge from errors and mistakes, made by individuals, in either a program’s source code or its plan. Ordinarily, there are bugs in all helpful PC programs, however elegantly composed projects contain moderately few bugs, and these bugs regularly don’t keep the program from performing its task.

What fault model in software testing?

An incorrect, process, or data definition in a PC program which makes the program perform in an unintended way. Flaws happen because of a mistake in the program. It is the mistakes or issues because of which the product acts in a sudden or unusual way which isn’t in accordance with the desired output.

Although defect, bug, and fault all three terms are interconnected also the terms bug and fault mainly the types of defect in software testing that are solved using defect metrics in software testing by testers.

You should now have the ability to obviously differentiate between the defect, bug, and fault. It is additionally vital to know how to write a defect/bug report, our testers well known to these terms and prepare good defect reports for reporting any bug or fault. Therefore, reach us and get your product tested today!

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Apple revealed new things that may launch in June 2018

Apple has announced its WWDC 2018 conference dates wherein it is expected to launch a bundle of newest Apple products on both hardware and software front. The meeting is likewise the first historically speaking Apple product launch event of 2018. The meeting implied for engineers will happen from June 4 through June 8. They will hold the next Apple product launch at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, US. So what will be the next Apple product that Cupertino-based tech firm launch?

Like 2017, 2018 guarantees to be a noteworthy year for Apple, with numerous Apple new product announcements not too far off. We’ll get Apple’s first brilliant speaker – the HomePod – this year, alongside a moment age adaptation of the iPhone X joined by a bigger screened form for the individuals who need to go much greater.

Another apple new product iPad Pro with Face ID is said to be in progress, and this is additionally the year when Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat will make a big appearance. Past that, we can expect Mac refreshes, new software, another new Apple product Watch, and perhaps that new secluded Mac Pro.

Underneath, we’ve gathered together the greater part of the newest Apple products we’re hoping to see in 2018 relying on both current newest Apple product rumors that we’ve heard up until this point and past Apple product releaseinformation.

Mac iPad with Face ID

Mac iPad with Face ID is in apple new product rumor for a long while. The products will present to iPhone X’s key element locally available and should make browsing content secure and give clients a chance to unlock the gadget effectively.

Next-gen Apple iPad Mini

A less expensive product of Apple iPad model is likewise anticipated. This will come as next-gen iPad Mini and will be less intense than the supposed iPad display with Face ID. These new things from Apple come as guesses a year ago during WWDC disclosed some iPad products.

Apple watcOS 5

The latest product of Apple Company is a Next-gen watchOS, said to be watchOS 5, is probably going to convey more iPhone includes on to your wrists. The firm may attempt to make the wearable more independent with the next version, counteracting clients to open their cell phones regularly.

Apple macOS 10.14

Apple may upgrade its macOS version to 10.14. Like tvOS and iOS, this apple next product too will bring more features locally available for Mac Systems. New features are probably going to make moving work from iPhone and mac and the other way around more simple and brisk.

Less expensive Apple MacBook

The firm could be presenting a ‘less expensive’ MacBook demonstrate at WWDC 2018 meeting. The apple new product news report says that one of the newest Apple products MacBook budgets will have a same cost as the existing MacBook Air.

Apple tvOS 12

Like iOS 12, tvOS is likewise prone to get a knock with tvOS 12. This should make browsing content on the expansive screen less demanding and less complex. Some different functionality is likewise said to be incorporated in this latest product of apple.

Apple iOS 12

Apple iOS 12 is probably going to be the focal point of the WWDC 2018. The upcoming OS for iPhone and iPad models will likely accompany new features and advancements. These will take off to qualified iPhone and iPad gadgets not long from now.

Upgraded Homepods

The next-gen Homepods can likewise be launched at WWDC 2018 gathering. This could accompany some inside updates and may have more functionality. The organization presented the primary gen Homepods a year ago amid WWDC 2017 yet released it not long ago.

AirPods 2

The next Apple product Airpods usually arrive alongside the iPhone models yet since the organization likes to surprise its fans on upcoming Apple product releases, we may very well observe Airpods 2 coming at the developer’s conference.

These are top 9 apple new product releases that are expected to be seen around June 2018. Let’s see what will these newest Apple products adds to Apple Company.

We are always well aware of all the latest software products news so that we can also upgrade our software testing services as per latest upcoming trends.

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