A Beginner’s Guide to Code Level Insights

As a budding developer in the early stages of your journey, you may be intimidated by many aspects of coding, but particularly those involving Application Insights. If you’re just starting out in this field, you’re about to enter a world that will be entirely new to you. In this world, they speak an entirely different language, there are many new phrases and definitions to learn, and you’ll ultimately spend years of your life familiarizing yourself with all things coding related.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to take the plunge? If so, we believe you should spend some time going over our beginner’s guide to code level insights. This will help you garner a basic understanding of Microsoft Insights; provide some tips and tricks, and also a warning or two. After you’re through, you’ll have an enough knowledge and understanding to get your foot in the door as you begin your career as a developer.

While you’re at it, it’s also wise to learn about load testing. To gain great knowledge and insight about this practice, we recommend reading what is load testing? Examples, tutorials & more.

Discovering Slow SQL Queries Is a Key Limitation

The best thing about Application Insights is its reporting. You can get information so detailed including the database name and server being accessed, that’s just how thorough the reporting features are.

Unfortunately, when it comes to individual queries, there’s no way to see how long these are going to take, and the entire process is very slow, which makes it really difficult to deal with. When you’re in a rush, this slow process may even seem painful when you need your SQL queries much faster.

Are you using SQL Azure? It has some tuning advisory functions built into the program, which will certainly make a difference. So look into that and see if there’s any way to speed up queries even further.

The Information Provided on SQL Query Times Is Not Necessarily Correct Every Time

As a beginner, you may not realize that the SQL query times aren’t always going to be correct. As a matter of fact, as far as the timings are concerned, the only thing you actually get to see is the amount of time it takes to actually execute the query on the server.

As an example, let’s say you run a simple query. Even if the simple query happens to select a large amount of data, it’s not always going to appear that the query took as long as it actually did. In fact, it’s quite possible that it will take much more time to technically download the true query results.

In another example, if the query says that it takes 83 milliseconds, this isn’t always going to be the truth. In fact, when it comes to the download, it could take another 60 milliseconds to download and then iterate the overall results. So you have to look at your requests and see if there are missing time gaps. This scenario could create this problem, and this is especially true if you’re returning an ample amount of data.

A Warning about Dynamic SQL Queries and Sensitive Data

Although it may not seem like it on the surface, it’s important to note that using code with dynamic SQL and Application Insights means that the full query will be collected and then uploaded to Azure.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means any private data including credit card numbers and personal information was uploaded to Microsoft’s server. So keep that in mind in the future about dynamic SQL queries.


As you can imagine, we’ve just scratched the surface with information regarding code level insights. If you really like coding and you like the challenge it presents, you’re in for a treat so focus, learn the ropes, and you’ll continue to improve in this rewarding field.

Author: Wendy Dessler

How is AI-based testing changing the landscape?

‘Arti-fictional’ testing? – The journey from CAPTCHA to Skynet through Turing Test.

Many multitudinous mundane tasks are getting slowly but steadily augmented by Artificial Intelligence. These repetitive tasks are easy to replicate through machines and smart programming because they are easy to model through code.

Why AI?

In many avenues of the world, testing is a repetitive and easily programmable task that a lot of people are working towards perfecting for their reasons and aims. Artificial Intelligence based testing can execute calculations that are profoundly more complex and comprehend far more data and attributes that a human tester can. Computers can consume datasets better and faster than Joey Tribbiani consumes food.

Computers that are programmed well and trained on the right datasets can outperform humans by a large margin, one that is impossible to ignore. Many teams around the world have observed multi-fold increase in productivity and testing capabilities.

The Chinese Room Argument:

There are many kinds of tasks that humans still excel at over computers, one such task is thinking. It is because of this thinking prowess that we are able to program such machines. Moreover, it is this thinking process that the programs that we think of aim to test.

That is why we make computers through thought to test another’s thought capabilities. However, it does not quite equal that of a human testing a human. At least that is the premise of the Chinese Room Argument (pun intended?).

To sum it up concisely, the Chinese Room Argument believes that a weak/narrow AI can only ever process the syntaxes and can never truly understand the semantics of the language. It will always be able to stimulate thought and to an unobservant mind, can maybe even give the illusion of free thinking.

We have come to the point that is a reasonable distance from that of a weak AI. We have now seen computers come close if not already break the Turing Test and we are witnessing a spectacle in terms of computer intelligence with Google, Amazon, Apple and such companies leading the way with their skillful AI software.

You may like to watch a Video on Ai in Test Automation by Indium Software


The New Way:

Artificial Intelligence based testing has brought Automated Software Testing from simple Q/A systems to more complex systems and now to near sentient testing arenas where the feel of the test simulates that of being examined for a viva. Many more subtly profound tests use cognitive computing and also beneficiary for Software Testing Services Companies.

For example, the GMAT where following questions get harder but also give you higher scores depending on how you solve the preceding questions.

The GRE where your answers on a section of about 20 questions decide how tough your next set of questions will be.

There are many hints and tinges of cognitive computing that has slowly but steadily changes testing processes all over the world. We don’t even realize many of these changes that happen. But they are happening, and they will continue to get better and more prevalent.

I came across a different sort of AI-based testing through a start-up. They were an EdTech startup called Leverage. Leverage used Machine Learning to match-up each student with a mentor for further personalized learning and guidance. That does not seem like testing, but it is, in a certain way. One’s attributes are tested and matched, and then a satisfactory conclusion arrives.

The list of examples keeps going on, but you get the point. Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, and Neural Networks have all coalesced to create a brilliant future for cognitive computing where we can soon tangibly realize a Jarvis or a funny Deep Thought and possibly avoid a Skynet or Ultron.

Author: Jessica Cyrus

Top Anti-Ransomware tools to avoid Ransomware Attacks

In the current past, ransomware has developed as a standout amongst the most challenging cyber security dangers. This has requested the requirement for ransomware removal tools that one needs to utilize.

A portion of the outstanding ransomware removal tools like Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and so forth utilize advanced strategies to take preventive measures and remove ransomware attacks. Numerous decryptor tools and ransomware removal are also accessible for getting back your documents.

Today’s antivirus programs are currently better tuned to block ransomware attack, as a rule by looking for the activities of particular variations while a couple even claims they can clean up the mess afterward. This the second need – ensuring that the framework is free of the defect before restoring information.

Beyond that, it’s tied in with getting ready better guards for future malware ransomware assaults which may be less demanding than some accept. Despite the fact that payoff malware quite often utilizes unbreakable open key encryption to lock records, the number of variations is generally little at any one time. It is conceivable that a security program can be tuned to detect the most dynamic ransomware by looking for known behavior, for example, communicating with the file system.

So, if you wish to spare your Windows PC from dangers like Trojan ransomware in future, it would be a smart thought to explore our rundown of the best free ransomware removal tools for 2018.

Trend Micro Lock Screen ransomware removal tool:

Trend Micro’s tool is intended to ransomware detection and freed a casualty of ‘lock screen’ ransomware, a sort of malware that blocks users from getting to their systems or PC, and like with all ransomware software, endeavors to compel the casualty to pay to recover their data back.

Trend Micro lays out two circumstances in which its ransomware virus removal tool will be successful. Firstly, when your PC’s normal mode is blocked, however, its ‘safe mode’ as yet exists and as well when lock screen ransomware is jamming both ‘safe mode’ and ‘normal mode’.


HitmanPro.Alert won’t be as popular as other ransomware removal tools on this rundown yet it’s known to be quite far-reaching ransomware virus removal software. The software can identify any behavior of a ransomware malware in your system and it tries to expel or turn around its belongings.

HitmanPro.Alert packs in a cryptolocker ransomware that protecting against ransomware in your system and restore the documents previously they are encoded. Unlike to other ransomware removal tools out there, it keeps a check on any malicious behavior to find any malicious files or malware in the system.

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware Tool:

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is a free preventing ransomware tool that can ensure against existing and rising ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a classification of malicious software intended to restrict access to your PC and records until the point that you pay a large sum of cash.

Download this progressed computer ransomware vaccine right now to remain safe from losing your cash or documents. It also offers next-gen protection against the Petya, CTB-Locker, TeslaCrypt ransomware families, and Locky by guarding your documents against encryption ransomware in an easy and non-obtrusive way.

Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool:

This tool is intended for small to medium-sized organizations and like Bitdefender, it come with an apparatus to avoid latest ransomware threat before they ground your systems.

It will keep running along out of sight and screens organize the movement for anything that matches known computer virus ransomware behavior or patterns.

This tool is perfect for organizations as it is free for business use and easy to explore while additionally offering a decent level of security.

But, it can be very shortsighted, just offers preventative security.

Malwarebytes 3:

Composed particularly for malware-contaminated PCs, this is one of the finest examples of products that offer particular ransomware security.

Malwarebytes expects to make utilization of bleeding edge innovation to protect your files from ransomware.

Due to its threatening vibe towards malware, spyware, and rootkit innovation, this tool is sufficiently fit to recognize the malware and additionally emptying them.

Alongside this, the tool additionally protects the software and different projects that connect to the web.

The above-mentioned ransomware removal tools are extremely viable in protecting the PC systems from a wide range of ransomware attacks.

And, the best part of these tools is that these guarantee most extreme security without prompting any kind of information loss.

Accordingly, it is best to remain safe by giving some of these tools a try and also you can come to us with all your security testing issues, we will definitely provide you solutions or help you in fortifying your online security.

Author: TestOrigen Software Testing

Latest Trends in QA for Software

There has been a significant change in software testing methodologies since the past decade. In keeping with the formulation and manufacturing procedures, there has been a multi-layer testing phase which involves rigorous checks and case tests before they actually hit the market.

The Agile and DevOps methodology has been adopted by several business houses which incorporates software testing at a much earlier phase of software structuring. The successful shift in software testing trends can thus be mentioned as below:

  • Quality Assurance to Quality Testing – quality Assurance is known to be a ”waterfall approach” that involves a detailed step by step procedure which makes the entire testing cycle lengthy and time-consuming. This means every step is successive to the other if one succeeds then only the developer or tester can move to the next layer or else bug fixing analysis continues on a manual basis. This actually piles up the data and testing phases get delayed. With Quality Engineering the testing process and necessary automation at certain phases to avoid piling up ensure better customer experience.
  • IoT – The Internet of Things is a buzzing concept which means everything remains connected and this connection is utilized. Here the hardware is managed by a dedicated software which connects via the internet which again connects to the external sources. However, it is necessary that the connected products are tested in quality, functionality, and security. 
  • Agile Digital Transformation – Agile has been on the market for the last 17 years. This process promotes collaborating and working with multiple teams and taking up smaller activities at a time. Once these are executed successfully the next set is taken up. This ensures faster and continuous delivery. The modern-day practices of the Agile are beneficial in User Experience (UX) fields with planning followed by execution and evaluation.
  • DevOps – DevOps is used to refer to certain rules and regulations which helps to reduce the time in the cycle from development to operations. It has been in use in the technical domain for the past 5 years and focusses to provide a better performance and customer experience by incorporating automation and integration.
  • Big Data Testing – Nowadays data usage, uploading and downloading involves a huge amount of data, like terabytes of data, by both clients as well as the customer. Huge data analysis and management are what Big Data testing means. The quality in this huge volume of data is key to big Data testing methodology which cannot be done with the traditional methods.

You may like to watch a Video on Big Data – A New Testing Challenge by EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference

  • Mobile Testing – The mobile apps, OS, and software are actually more complicated to test than websites! Also the app upgrades, software upgrades make it even more complex to function. Hence the cost and be ready to accept the increasing flow of mobile app testing are absolutely essential, in keeping with the high volume of smartphone apps!
  • Microservices – Microservices is essentially a method to formulate software meant to test a specific condition for a particular application. Each service is thus developed in such a way that it can amend or change a minute yet the significant area of the app rather than amending the entire setup.Via Quora
  • Open Source Tools – Free to use, easy availability and highly flexible customizable features are key to open source measures in software testing.

Keep up with the latest trends with the above in your software testing unit.

AuthorJessica Cyrus

How Artificial intelligence(AI) is Unlocking the Future

As the aspiration of human is growing so as the technology. With this, the demand for automation is also growing. So, we invented the term artificial intelligence. This helps the human generation to get fully automated. Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence exhibit by machines and computer.

Well, how many of us want to feel the essence of the future world. Almost all, now let me explain you how fast this technology is expanding across the universe.

Applications of the AI in the Present Era:

I think everyone among us recognises Sophia, a robot which resembles human completely! Sophia can walk can see and remember faces like we all can. Apart from it, Sophia has ability to show more than 50 facial expressions. And most important part is that it can track faces, recognize emotion in which we human lacks. Well, this could be a perfect example of AI.

There are many other robots are as well which are used for dangerous jobs such as autonomous robots in defense, machine robots in manufacturing industry where the temperature could be in peak, where no human can survive. AI reduced the life threat without having any impact on quality of work.

Next, Alexa, can we have some music!! We have heard this line before. Isn’t it? Products like Alexa, google assistant, Siri are the examples of virtual assistant chatbot. A chatbot is a program which runs on dialogue systems.

These chatbots assists industries to attract more qualified leads for the business by eliminating human hands from the complex operations such as consumer support and services. According to a survey conducted in the year 2016, Facebook Messenger has 30,000 chatbots in a few months after its launch.

An autonomous vehicle, the vehicle with no driver. Will you prefer to take a seat on this vehicle which is completely automated and safe? Maybe yes! And, Some of us has already taken a step towards future. In current scenario google, uber and Tesla are working on Autonomous cars. The car which senses the surrounding and accordingly works on that.

Some of you might be thinking the above-given examples are in personal upfront what about professional. Then, did we heard about digital marketing.

With AI, the business can directly link to its clients/customers. The benefit of AI is that each and every client can directly interact within a fraction of seconds. The customer can view and see the other details of the product before buying and the company can increase its revenue, by removing the mediocre.

AI also helps the user to get an overview and decide their opinion about the product as the user can check out various informative data regarding the product. Machine learning and AI together are one of the booming concept across globe. It helps the marketer to understand their target audience and make predictions which may help them in accurate decision making. In simple words, a complete analysis from the user and marketer help them in clear prediction and decision. Companies use various AI-enabled tools such as recommendation engine, analytics, automated chatbots etc., to deliver valuable services to their consumers.

With continuous change in business environment, it brings stress as well. To cope up with such scenarios, artificial intelligence has replaced the manpower reducing the involved risks and the variability. Also, it helps to counsel the user from any place and at any time.

In architecture, AI assists for developing a bigger structure. Artificial intelligence has solved numerous problems which a human can’t because of the shortage of keeping that information in mind. And AI manipulates and deals with all these information presenting accurate outcomes in minimum time. With effective planning, coordination, and management, the development and repair operations become easier with low upfront cost and higher efficiency. For instance, we can take a look at Pittsburgh, Rapid Flow Technologies which reduced the weight of traffic lights by 40% without compromising light travel time. In fact, it was increased by 25%.

In banking, or other sectors dealing in finance, gets the benefit of AI. By installing face recognising equipment, security-enhanced, payments are made easier and fraud cases are minimised.


These words might help you think beyond imagination. Use your imagination and curiosity to develop something new by using artificial intelligence. As we all know that there is always a negative aspect of all the things. But still, if we want new things, achieve more and relax more. We all have heard quote by Bill Gates, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”.

So, we have to explore more and build new things. Then maybe someday we can change the future.


Varun Datta is a serial Entrepreneur and a vivid writer who loves to share what he has learnt in his Entrepreneurial Journey. He has founded multiple companies, out of which 4New.io is the most innovative one.  It is a waste to energy enterprise which is wholly focused on the production of electricity in order to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies.

Virtual Reality Remodeling Real Estate Business

Today, the virtual reality for real estate businesses taking by storm. Presently virtual reality technology is hoping to fill Open house visits in a fun way. You may know space is an awesome fit for your requirements, however, the present proprietor’s furniture, organized furniture or empty rooms won’t be helpful for extremely understanding what the home would look like in the case, you moved in.

Yet, Thanks to virtual reality in real estate tech, the times of envisioning may soon be behind us.

Commonly, a real estate agent gives a not insignificant rundown of properties to the customer. A while later come the clarifications, arrangements, lastly the genuine visits to houses and apartments.

This work process has continued as before for a considerable length of time, yet in truth, it’s badly arranged and tedious for brokers as well as for home buyers also.

But, there’s a distinct advantage and it’s already changing the way the real estate industry works – the new virtual reality.

The power of virtual reality real estate can enable brokers to develop their business, get more customers, and convey top-level services. It’s especially imperative to adopt this new virtual reality for real estate today when – as indicated by a study by the National Association of Realtors – 95% of customers look for properties on the web.

So might you want to discover how real estate brokers can utilize virtual reality experience in real estate?

So in case you are a tech-savvy real estate agent who needs to remain on top of things, you should need to jump on board the virtual reality for real estate prepare to gain a competitive advantage.

Here are few facts about virtual reality may make your job easier — and enable you to finalize more deals and sales.
Improved point of view

At its core, virtual reality devices enable home searchers to perceive what properties would look like when they are prepared to be lived in. This implies land organizations who have ventures with development in advance can give a precise thought of what the homes would look like when they’re finished.

From checking the amount of natural light in rooms to choosing if a specific household item would coordinate whatever is left of the insides, virtual reality presentation can help picture homes from different points and leave nothing to the creative ability.

Enable customers to virtually customize homes

Envision you’re demonstrating your customers a fixer-upper. Presently envision you can transport that customer into four conceivable formats of a similar property inside minutes.

It can be difficult to offer a customer on a home that necessities work; however, real estate virtual reality can make it simple for purchasers to envision the potential. With the click of a button, you could show what the property would look like with a refreshed kitchen, new paint shading or in the wake of thumping down a couple of walls.

This can enable customers to feel greater about the procedure and more sure about buying a place that needs some work. Virtual reality for real estate can demonstrate to them the greater part of the “imagine a scenario in which” situations some time before they begin any redesigns.

Promoting enchantment

The utilization of virtual reality in real estate can make promoting practices significantly more complex. First of all, when conveyances meet desires, consumer loyalty can fundamentally rise. Happy clients likewise have the office to prescribe tasks and properties to their contacts enhancing referral rates.

Moreover, the virtual reality market size applications can give information-driven bits of knowledge to in-house groups to give clearness on what strategies are working and what should be progressed.

Virtual Instructions for Tenants

Brokers and landowners need to speak with tenants a lot. These appear like a basic assignment, yet imagine a scenario in which your customers continue calling you and requesting that how to utilize a thermostat or where a specific switch is. This can be an issue for organizations that offer short-term vacation rentals.

Virtual reality development enables proprietors to discuss proficiently with tenants. Tenants can just put on VR headsets and experience 3D virtual reality tours real estate. This takes very little time yet due to the immersiveness can be to a great degree accommodating.

Advantages of virtual reality for real estate:

In spite of the fact that you definitely know some practical uses of virtual reality companies in real estate domain, you may even now have questions with reference to whether it’s justified, despite all the trouble. Indeed, it is. What’s more, to demonstrate the point, observe our waitlist of the greatest advantages that virtual reality in business.

  • Builds Emotional Connections
  • Instant Sense of Ownership
  • Offers Global Reach
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money

For the present, VR land showings accompany an expansive price tag, as it can also backfire if you do not get it properly tested. However, since VR is now streaming into the standard market, ideally this implies expenses will dive and VR will turn into a staple of Real Estate Company.

Moreover get your VR app properly tested before using it, and for this TestOrigen is the best option you can rely upon.

Author: TestOrigen Software Testing Serv

How AI Affects Error Handling And Testing


According to recent studies, artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans in nearly 16 percent of all jobs within the next decade. Many industries already use AI to perform a number of different tasks.

For years, professionals in the world of app development have used AI and other tech-based tools to test their programs before launching them. Successful mobile app developers realize just how important testing a product is before offering it up for mass consumption.

With adequate testing, you will be able to find out where the performance bottlenecks are in your program and how to fix them properly. Read below to find out more about how AI is shaping the world of app testing and error handling.

Avoid Issues Related to Resource Scarcity and Time Restraints 

Most app developers have a very full schedule. If you are an entrepreneur as well as a developer, you know how hard it can be to adequately test an app before release. Thoroughly testing an app before launch is the only way to ensure it is reliable and fit for mass consumption. Most PHP developers are in pursuit of deploying their programs as quickly as possible, which can lead to big problems in the future.

Using AI to automate the app testing process can benefit your company greatly. Most app testing involves repeatedly testing the same functions. This is why using computers to handle this work is a good idea. With the help of AI, you can reduce the chance of human errors during the testing process. Each of the tests performed by an AI program will be thorough.

Once the AI program has finished the testing process, they will provide a detailed breakdown of the problems that were found. It is your job to take this report and figure out ways to address the pain points within in your app.

Get the Instant Feedback You Need 

Using AI in the app testing process will also provide you with the instant feedback you are looking for. The state of the art analytics used in these AI programs will easily identify app hotspots and perform test cases on these areas. An AI testing program will perform a series of similar inputs and then provide you with information on the outputs they produced.

Trying to perform this mundane and repetitive task on your own can be quite boring and will usually result in errors being made. By allowing an AI program to mimic these input-based scenarios, you can get the information needed to make your app run better even when it is being used by millions of people.

Once you have launched your app, using python network monitoring & error handling | AppOptics is a good idea. With the help of this program, you can identify coding problems that may be prohibiting your app from running at peak efficiency. While optimizing an app can be lots of hard work, it will definitely pay off in the long run.


Gain Insights Into Your App With Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics 

If you are like most app developers, you have a test suite constructed to test the programs you build. These automated suites will generally produce a vast amount of data. Allowing an AI-based program to review this data can be very beneficial.

These programs can do everything from identifying app defects to predicting the overall quality of the program. This data can also be used to predict parameters of the app’s various processes and prescribe the best course of action to take to get the most out of the program in question.

Your goal as an app developer should be to identify less obvious faults that may cause usage failures over time. While you will have a hard time spotting these defects on your own, it will be much easier when choosing an AI-based app testing program.

Analyzing App Defects With Ease 

Are you looking for a way to speed up the app testing and defect analysis process? The best way to do this without compromising the functionality of your program is with the help of AI. These programs are designed to thoroughly test apps and bring to light any harmful defects that may exist.

Providing users with a reliable app is a lot harder than you may think. Getting in a big hurry during the app testing process will usually lead to your app getting overwhelmed shortly after launch. If parts of your code aren’t correct, it can lead to a less than stellar user experience. Rather than trying to inspect each element and line of code in an app, you need to utilize the power of AI.


Chatbot Testing is Essential 

Some app developers think that chatbots are only used on ecommerce websites, but this is not the case at all. Many new apps use this features to provide users with the help they need. If you are a business owner looking to add a human element to your new app, then using chatbots is a great idea.

Before launching this feature, you need to thoroughly test it to ensure it works properly. The effectiveness of a chatbot program relies heavily on the quality of your app. With the help of programs like QMetry BOT Tester, it will be easy to automate the chatbot testing process.

The last thing you want is to provide a live chat feature that doesn’t work for users. Instead of leaving this important part of your app to chance, you need to use AI to test and optimize your live chat feature. Even if you have to invest a great deal of money to acquire these technologically advanced tools, it will be worth the investment. With the right AI program, you can optimize your apps before they hit the market.

Are you unsure about what type of AI programs to use for your app testing needs? With a bit of online research, you should have no problem selecting a program that is both effective and easy to operate.

Author: Wendy Dessler

How SuiteCRM Mobile Apps Drive Businesses?

Today, everyone has a mobile phone – the smart one! Think of it for a moment. When was the last time you checked your smartphone? An hour ago? Couple of minutes ago? Or three times in the last 3 minutes? Well, if you walk around a busy corner of your city, you will find people glued to their smartphones without being present in the moment.

Let’s face it. We are all addicted to our smartphones. However, to take it on a positive note, there’s a great opportunity for businesses to maximize their revenues by reaching majority of the customers out there using smartphones.

Everyone with a smartphone uses mobile apps for day to day activities like, communication, education and some fun! Although giant companies have adopted the use of apps globally, there are yet many companies who are reluctant to accept the fact that mobile apps can be very useful in a professional manner. The perfect mobile app targeted toward business professionals can help increase access to collateral, keep you more organized, better track performance, and allow you to more quickly respond to customer issues.

According to Statista, there won’t be less than 2.9 Billion smartphone users by the end of 2019. With the “ever increasing” number of smartphone users, daily, more and more people are browsing internet solely via smartphones. Yes, more than 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device. Common. Facts aren’t debatable!

“Mobile is the future. And there is no such thing as information overload.”

-Eric Schmidt, Google

It’s safe to say, we’re firmly attached to our smartphones and mobile devices. The rise of mobile in all its various mutations means we have access to more information than ever before. And it’s accessible from our pockets, at the mere touch of a button.

So why isn’t your CRM system?

While more and more businesses are becoming mobile-friendly, yet there are many, so-called “unique” businesses who haven’t taken advantage of one of the most efficient and technically sophisticated tools ever made. A well-designed mobile app for business will allow you to conduct business anywhere, at any time. And now, mobile apps are easier to create, configure and deploy – and the process is getting easier over time. That means making sure that your business has a strong method to manage relationships with your customers through mobile methods.

Here are 3 ways SuiteCRM mobile apps can improve the way we do business:

1. Do More with SuiteCRM Mobile Apps:

With the help of a SuiteCRM mobile app, business owners can easily and quickly respond to their customers needs, address leads, manage existing customer accounts, sales prospects, and do a lot more with it – in just couple of clicks!

2. Mobile CRM Apps Can Help You Improve Customer Service:

You can serve your customers more efficiently and quickly with a SuiteCRM android app. When your customers are just a click away, it isn’t hard to reach them as and when they need you. Being available when your customers need you builds trust and reputation of your brand as a whole.

3. Maximize Your Business:

When you have everything on your fingertips, with using SugarCRM mobile app you can maximize customer engagement by sending personalized surveys, notifications, and product updates – which will eventually help you expand your overall business.

Final words, mobile technology has impacted our professional and personal lives alike and will continue to do so in the future. It has changed the face of business and promoting new business models and industries. Also, it has opened various avenues for the customers increasing the efficiency. Companies are rapidly adopting mobile technology and equipping their users with powerful mobile apps. Are you ready to take advantage? Market has never been better!

Author: Maulik Shah

Basics of iOS Automation Testing

The iOS automation testing is exceptionally helpful to test your iOS application “while you test”. It empowers you to rapidly track performance and regressions issues, and furthermore grow new highlights without stressing to break your iOS application.

In the first place discharged on June 29, 2007, iOS is the name of Apple’s platform for mobile applications. Not at all like Android, Apple does not permit iOS for installation on non-Apple equipment. iOS and iOS applications are just installed on Apple gadgets. Your application must be good with 4 sorts of gadgets and iOS versions such as iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod.  And, these are the four gadgets that will request the mediation of iOS app testing.

Labeled as an essential trademark for developers who produce mobile applications gave by Apple, iOS automation testing accompanies certain pre-characterized destinations. Supporting another tool called as “Automation”, this is a kind of iOS UI automation testing that digs profound into investigating the functionalities of different applications cooperated with iOS automation testing tools that are tested for. Furthermore, iOS Automation testing investigates the efficiency of the JavaScript library.

All testing to verify an application, here is the rundown of the basic uses of iOS Automation testing.

Decrease bugs: There is no strategy that will totally evacuate any probability of bugs in your code, however iOS automated testing can incredibly decrease the number of bugs.

Roll out improvements unquestionably: Avoid bugs while including new highlights, which implies, you can roll out improvements rapidly and easily.

Report our code: When looking through automation testing iOS, we can plainly observe what is anticipated from specific capacities, what conditions are, and what corner cases are.

Refactor effortlessly: As a developer, you may now and again fear to refactor, particularly in a case, you have to refactor an extensive lump of code. UI automation testing iOS are here to guarantee that the refactored code still fills in as proposed.

iOS Automation Testing – A One-Stop Solution to a “Bug-Free” Application

However, the way that it requires a great deal of investment and pushes to outline and actualize an iOS application, an expression of alert is to guarantee that each application is free from bugs.

Given the various basic bugs, these defects when disregarded will adversely influence the working of the application. The following is the rundown of the number of manners by which the name and popularity of the iOS stage and the all-around eminent highlights of Apple can be defended, close to meeting your quality measures.

  • Occurrences of use slamming can be turned away
  • Developers can avoid incongruencies in an application
  • Can fix the information security highlight of iOS gadgets, accordingly avoiding them to be hacked
  • Can offer a solid solution to memory spills

There is a testing iOS Mind Map, a graphical portrayal of the diverse aspects that the iOS testers need to remember while subjecting an application to iOS testing automation.

Types of automated testing for iOS:

Unit Test – This is a test to approve a particular case in a class which guarantees that the class can work and conveys outcomes as a remain single operation.

UI Test – Also called as an Integration test, UI test helps in testing client communications of the application, guaranteeing that every one of the classes as in culminating match up with each other to convey the expected outcome.

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Best Practices to advance Software Testing Procedures

Software testing process is used to assess evaluate a product to see if it really meets the particular functionalities.

The quality process in software testing furnishes the product proprietors with the data about its quality and whether it meets the required measures.

Although software testing process wasn’t always seen as such a critical part of the product conveyance process, a great deal has changed.

We may not give a second thought to software that acts as it should, yet when something turns out badly, we mind a considerable amount.

Consider the way that the stock cost for organizations encountering news-production software failures fell around 4% by and large in 2015.

On account of that, it’s nothing unexpected that organizations spend approximately over $300 billion every year troubleshooting their product or that the part of QA Manager has turned into an increasingly lucrative profession way.

While each association guarantees that the software testing process flow is directed in a way that distinguishes and fixes all bugs, there is dependably an extent of change.

Mentioned beneath are a portion of the best practices for the formal software testing process that can be embedded to guarantee process improvement in software testing:

Practice Good Reporting and Test Management:

While testing, how would you answer questions like what does your advance resembles, where do diversion exist and what is the general feel of results? It comes down to Reporting and Test Management. Also, rehearsing connected with reporting and test management is another quality that isolates the elite player testers from the pack.

Great reporting and test management increase the value of the general software development testing process by empowering and coaching individual testers as required, distinguishing challenges that may block advance and provide a bridge amongst testers and developers. Furthermore, considering announcing important and consistently checking in with the data can help enhance things like test scope, speed, and QA by giving significant knowledge on hazard, advance, results and much more.

Define a process of software testing:

To guarantee an effective execution of a QA process in software testing, it is critical to have a procedure set up in advance. The procedure characterized by the organization should be robust and in addition endorsed by the experts to guarantee that there is no obstacle in its execution. Despite the fact that it isn’t required that the testing group takes after this procedure stringently, however, this unquestionably can fill in as a rule to start the software testing process. The procedure can enhance and create alongside the product and testing prerequisites.

Have a positive mentality:

For a tester to effectively actualize the testing of a product, it is vital to have a positive mentality before beginning the test. This is on account of having a positive attitude encourages one to effectively recognize any bugs or defect tracking process software testing in the application. Believe that there are different bugs and errors in the code and you will wind up finding many.

Build a decent test environment:

It is the duty of the testing team to guarantee that the test environment built up by it is a correct impersonation of the product’s production. This is to guarantee that there are no defects or bugs that are passed up a great opportunity during the software application testing process.

Make inquiries:

To watch out for the master plan and test because of the client encounter, you have to make inquiries and loads of them. Testers have a reputation for making inquiries, and it regularly appears to be them endeavoring to demonstrate something, however, there’s really an imperative motivation behind why the best testers make such a large number of inquiries. This is on account of you need an entire understanding of a bit of software — including who its clients are, the means by which they will utilize the product, what issue the product should understand, how it should take care of that issue, how it should look and feel, and so on — with a specific end goal to legitimately test it.

Thus, Software advancement and testing is a field of steady development, and that implies you have to consistently extend your insight to keep on top of changing practices.  Moreover, this continuous instruction can enable you to keep on advancing your insight and turn into a true leader in the software testing life cycle process.

Moreover incorporating the above-mentioned tips can likewise be useful for better defect management process in software testing. Also, it is the time that you come to our strong testing team who solves your issues professionally with their skills and deliver the best to the market.

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