Apple revealed new things that may launch in June 2018

Apple has announced its WWDC 2018 conference dates wherein it is expected to launch a bundle of newest Apple products on both hardware and software front. The meeting is likewise the first historically speaking Apple product launch event of 2018. The meeting implied for engineers will happen from June 4 through June 8. They will hold the next Apple product launch at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, US. So what will be the next Apple product that Cupertino-based tech firm launch?

Like 2017, 2018 guarantees to be a noteworthy year for Apple, with numerous Apple new product announcements not too far off. We’ll get Apple’s first brilliant speaker – the HomePod – this year, alongside a moment age adaptation of the iPhone X joined by a bigger screened form for the individuals who need to go much greater.

Another apple new product iPad Pro with Face ID is said to be in progress, and this is additionally the year when Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat will make a big appearance. Past that, we can expect Mac refreshes, new software, another new Apple product Watch, and perhaps that new secluded Mac Pro.

Underneath, we’ve gathered together the greater part of the newest Apple products we’re hoping to see in 2018 relying on both current newest Apple product rumors that we’ve heard up until this point and past Apple product releaseinformation.

Mac iPad with Face ID

Mac iPad with Face ID is in apple new product rumor for a long while. The products will present to iPhone X’s key element locally available and should make browsing content secure and give clients a chance to unlock the gadget effectively.

Next-gen Apple iPad Mini

A less expensive product of Apple iPad model is likewise anticipated. This will come as next-gen iPad Mini and will be less intense than the supposed iPad display with Face ID. These new things from Apple come as guesses a year ago during WWDC disclosed some iPad products.

Apple watcOS 5

The latest product of Apple Company is a Next-gen watchOS, said to be watchOS 5, is probably going to convey more iPhone includes on to your wrists. The firm may attempt to make the wearable more independent with the next version, counteracting clients to open their cell phones regularly.

Apple macOS 10.14

Apple may upgrade its macOS version to 10.14. Like tvOS and iOS, this apple next product too will bring more features locally available for Mac Systems. New features are probably going to make moving work from iPhone and mac and the other way around more simple and brisk.

Less expensive Apple MacBook

The firm could be presenting a ‘less expensive’ MacBook demonstrate at WWDC 2018 meeting. The apple new product news report says that one of the newest Apple products MacBook budgets will have a same cost as the existing MacBook Air.

Apple tvOS 12

Like iOS 12, tvOS is likewise prone to get a knock with tvOS 12. This should make browsing content on the expansive screen less demanding and less complex. Some different functionality is likewise said to be incorporated in this latest product of apple.

Apple iOS 12

Apple iOS 12 is probably going to be the focal point of the WWDC 2018. The upcoming OS for iPhone and iPad models will likely accompany new features and advancements. These will take off to qualified iPhone and iPad gadgets not long from now.

Upgraded Homepods

The next-gen Homepods can likewise be launched at WWDC 2018 gathering. This could accompany some inside updates and may have more functionality. The organization presented the primary gen Homepods a year ago amid WWDC 2017 yet released it not long ago.

AirPods 2

The next Apple product Airpods usually arrive alongside the iPhone models yet since the organization likes to surprise its fans on upcoming Apple product releases, we may very well observe Airpods 2 coming at the developer’s conference.

These are top 9 apple new product releases that are expected to be seen around June 2018. Let’s see what will these newest Apple products adds to Apple Company.

We are always well aware of all the latest software products news so that we can also upgrade our software testing services as per latest upcoming trends.

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Win Clients and Influence Markets with the Help of a Mobile CRM APP!

Mobile phones and the apps within are our soulmates. We connect with them, they know everything about us and fortunately or unfortunately, they’re an integral part of our world. Not just a part of our personal lives, but also a professional one. Especially, if the job entails traveling. As and when mobile apps gained popularity, businesses of varied sizes embraced them so that they can get competitive advantage over their competitors.

Along came CRM apps, and made the whole aspect of customer relationship management easy as a walk in the park. They enabled the users to do everything right from sharing documents with their colleagues to chatting up with teammates about the status of a particular client deal. Take a look at couple of statistics and figures:

  • In the year 2018, mobile devices will be a part of 79% of global internet utility
  • By the year 2022, around 43% of global workforce will go mobile

These figures are clearly indicative of the fact that having a CRM mobile app can help you go places. With the help of it, you can conduct an array of activities like marketing, sharing of data while on the move, making data entries etc.

The market is full of CRM apps and if you are a business owner, you must have heard about entrepreneurs investing into a Sugar or SuiteCRM mobile app. However, not all of these apps are worth buying. A CRM mobile app is useful only if it is compatible with the work setting of the company and simplifies the usage for its users. So, what are the features it must have and what features should you consider? Find out below:

Device Responsiveness

Approach a company that sells a CRM app and they will say that their CRM solution works with different smartphones, operating systems, and other devices. But it would be wrong to believe it before checking things out. Sometimes, mobile devices might have certain features that a computer doesn’t.

For e.g. The GPS facility. During such times, it is crucial that you check for the device responsiveness. If you have a SuiteCRM app and your sales executives make use of Android technology on their mobiles, you can invest into aSuiteCRM Android App. As most of the CRM solutions available today work on smartphones or tablets that powered by Blackberry, iOS, Windows, and Android, you need to figure out which one works for you.

Using a CRM app, you can not only manage your customers but supervise different aspects of your business. Now let us find out how to do CRM apps different departments of business:

  • Sales: Using a CRM mobile app, it becomes easy to share the data swiftly. Not just that, it also helps you to curb all the administrative work and enhance the service productivity.
  • Marketing: CRM Analytics of a SuiteCRM Mobile App create a roadmap for your potential marketing activities. With a help of it, you will be able to create marketing strategies based on social media and other platforms.
  • Human Resources: When you receive real-time customer data through CRM apps, you can get better insights about your service strength, the number of customers you have and what their requirements are.
Benefits of a Mobile CRM App
Easy Access to Customer Data

Mobile CRM app enables your sales executives to access client data remotely including latest interactions and contact history from their mobile devices.

Shorter Sales Cycle

When you have access to the right data in real-time, your sales professionals can get back to customers promptly and it leads to quicker and shorter sales cycles.

Boost Productivity

As the sales staff has access to data and information pertaining to important resources, it saves their time spent in interacting with the customers and gathering their data.

Enhanced Insights

As Sales Managers get real-time access to sales reports shared by the field staff, they can keep themselves informed about the status of all the deals. These improved insights lead to better team-work and efficiency.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Investing into a Mobile CRM

If you want your sales team to handle sales management, contacts, as well as productivity, it is important to find the right mobile app. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Does It Solve Your Problems?

Finding the right CRM totally depends on what problems you want it to solve. So, get clarity as to what exactly you want to achieve and address and consider your options accordingly.

  • Is It Compatible with Your Potential Business Plan?

Knowing where you are with your business right now is fine. But you also need to think about the future. If your business is likely to grow, go for a CRM that can adapt with your business easily.

  • What Areas Can Benefit Out of It?

Choose a solution which benefits multiple departments of your business and simplifies the way you work by linking different aspects right from marketing and sales to production and delivery.

  • Can You Get Personalized Insights?

A CRM system can provide you with figures and graphical representations of your business. This way you can know whether or not you are on the right path, get tips for further progress, and create future benchmarks.

Author: Maulik Shah

Facts About Data De-Duplication That Will Convince You To Start Using It Today

There are various processes that are involved in data cleansing, and data de-duplication happens to be one of them. While most business owners believe that this stage of data cleansing can be left out, the truth is that this is one of the most vital stages of data cleansing and it has various benefits that business owners can benefit from. If you’ve been wondering how data de-duplication can help you then here are some astonishing facts about it that will take you by surprise.

It Brings Direct Profit To Businesses

Data de-duplication is an interesting process that works well to sort out data in a way that it proves to be more beneficial for the business. The main reason this process benefits most businesses is because it helps to clean data and reduce the numbers considerably. While business owners believe that the multiple entries of the same contact don’t harm the business, the truth is that when you send out multiple messages or calls to one person, your business loses credibility and you tend to put off the potential customer.

You also spend a lot of money on the marketing process where you end up trying to get in touch with the same customer over and over again without realizing the amount of money you spent in the bargain. You also need to spend more on storage space. While you believe that this doesn’t cost you a lot, storing the same contact multiple times could considerably increase the file size and this could use up a lot of space on your system or cloud. You will have to pay a lot of money for these services.

Compression And Data De-duplication Are Different

Most business owners mistake data compression for data de-duplication and end up choosing to compress the data instead of cleaning and running data de-duplication on the file. If you’re not to sure about what data compression and data de-duplication is then here’s a brief understanding about both the processes.

Data Compression

Data compression simply refers to compressing a file containing data to reduce the size of the file. It is only related to storage and it does nothing else for the business. While you may believe that you can save on space with these services, you should know that it can reduce the size of a file to about 1:2 and nothing more. Let’s not forget that you will still have duplicate entries in your system which will eat into your revenue eventually.

Data De-duplication

The process of data de-duplication is more complex and refined. It helps to filter the data set you own and cleans it to take out any duplicate entries in the system. This helps to get rid of a large number of entries that were of no use to you in the first place. The best part about data de-duplication is that it helps to considerably reduce the file size to about 1:25 making it a lot smaller and contributing to compression as well. This process ensures that your files are all formatted well and can be used directly without sorting whenever required.

It Shortens The Backup Window

There is always the need for fresh and active data in a business and this means that data de-duplication needs to be an ongoing process. When you get more data, you don’t need to go through lengthy processes of cleaning and sorting it ever again. With data de-duplication it helps to protect active data and takes of any inconsistencies and similarities within minutes. It also creates a backup that comes in handy in case of a system crash or a hack.

Various Data De-Duplication Modes

If you thought that this was a single process that doesn’t have any other features, then you can check out these modes that might help you sort out your data better.


Inline data de-duplication is a process that can be conducted as soon as the data is accumulated. This means you can sort out a fresh file without having to save it on a disk and automatically get rid of similar entries without saving it to your final system. This is best for fresh data.

Post Process

If you already have a large data file that has been accumulated to your system all you need to do is sort it out using this post process. This can be used on the disk to delete duplicate entries without erasing all the other information on the disk that is present. It saves you the time of having to re-save the entire file once it’s sorted out.


It will come as a surprise to most business that the amount of money they spend each year on storage could be eating into their revenue by a staggering amount. While it may seem like a small fee for your data, the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not that data is actually of any use to you at all or whether it’s just a waste of space that you are spending on. When you run data de-duplication on files you end up with smaller and more useful files that not only cut down your expenses, but prove to work more effectively for the business. This makes it a more profitable solution that more businesses should incorporate.

At the end of the day every business owner is looking for solutions that can help streamline the overall functionalities in the organization and help reduce overhead costs. The best thing about data de-duplication is that it is a fast, apt and effective solution that sorts out and cleans data to help you save more money, spruce up your sales force and focus on better profits without having to increase your marketing budget in anyway. Data de-duplication is a smart and savvy way for you to clean data and ensure you don’t contact the same person over and over again. This gives your business a better reputation as well.

Author: Sohel Ather

The Value of Machine Learning: Benefits and Best Practices

Machine learning is an integral part of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms which work together and learn to improve the functionality of the available data to provide results that can benefit the business. Traditional programming does not come in handy here but what does come in extremely useful is a lot of data that is fed into the system and used as an algorithm which is constantly changing for better models.

The algorithms that are used in machine learning are very unique and this attributes work perfectly when there is a large quantity of data provided because this information is then used to provide different results that work well in responding when needed most. The complexity of machine learning can be solved easily with good quality data fed into the system. When the data is effective it can almost replicate and mimic a human being brain by simply observing the results that keep on popping up.

Research for machine learning has been conducted as far back as the 1930’s and 40’s and artificial intelligence was considered to be possible in neutral network in those days. That research is now coming in handy and has paved the way to develop an algorithm that can solve most of the businesses problems within minutes. When you have enough data fed into the system you can be rest assured that the information the machine learning algorithm provides is always going to be correct and you can then reduce the workload of employees as well as reduce the number of people you need to hire.

The best example of machine learning is replacing your customer service executive with an automated system that can provide the exact same responses without consuming so much time. As a business owner, you should always consider the odds before you decide opting for machine learning and if you are still not sure then you can look at this post to decide whether or not machine learning fits into your requirements or not.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and its popularity is staggering and most smart businesses are choosing the services because they know for a fact that it can help in achieving rapid growth as well as a strong global presence. When you have machine learning it reduces your overhead costs considerably and you will be able to function systematically without having to depend on a human. When you have a good strong system in place this reduces the amount of risks as well as mistakes that were made and it increases the end result which turns out to be better.

Importance Of Machine Learning For Businesses

Data scientists have been putting in a lot of effort in feeding machine learning with a lot of data that can be used to provide generalized answers as well as customized solutions based on the questions. These algorithms are put together in a way that the machine learning algorithms automatically tends to provide better solutions with each question that is thrown to it. These are considered to be self learning or self teaching models that are extremely smart and can improve eyes on every solution given to it.

A strong example of this solution is used in the Facebook face recognition software. This is machine learning technology that is smart and well developed. It automatically recognizes faces in a picture and helps you to tag them without having to manually do so and this saves on the amount of time people use to initially spend on tagging faces. The predictive nature of this helps grab eyeballs of almost everyone and all businesses and they are now looking to develop a more descriptive machine learning solution that can make life easier for people. This simply means that the future of businesses can now depend on a service that is accurate, fast and smart as well as highly reliable.

Machine learning solutions have not only been designed for large business Giants like Facebook and Netflix, it is developed even for smaller organizations that can incorporate it as long as they get the algorithm right. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get a machine learning solution or an algorithm to help your business function smoothly. A simple customer care algorithm that can provide your customers with handy resolutions or solutions in the time of need is also very beneficial.

Most small businesses today are cutting down their costs by investing in this solution rather than having to hire multiple call centre executives. What this does is it helps to cut down the wait time of the consumer calling up and it helps them to get a solution a lot faster. Most of the queries that customers come up with are fed into the system and because these are smart systems it manages to self learn the answers to different questions that are being asked over and over again. Since customers are provided with a fast and effective solution it helps them to keep coming back to the business because they know they will be answered without having to wait.

The one thing that every business needs to understand before opting for machine learning is that they need to get the homework done correctly. You have to provide the machine learning algorithm with enough data for it to move on because the machine learning algorithm is only as effective as the amount of data that is fed into the system. If you do not provide the system with enough data it will not be able to provide you with solutions that you are looking for and simply becomes ineffective.

As a business owner the one thing that you should remember is feeding the algorithm all the information of the business that you think is necessary. Try to include even the smallest and minutest details because you do not know when this will come in handy and how the machine learning engineer can incorporate that information into the system for your betterment. The more effective the machine learning solution the smoother it is for the business to function.

Author: Sohel Ather

A Beginner’s Guide to Code Level Insights

As a budding developer in the early stages of your journey, you may be intimidated by many aspects of coding, but particularly those involving Application Insights. If you’re just starting out in this field, you’re about to enter a world that will be entirely new to you. In this world, they speak an entirely different language, there are many new phrases and definitions to learn, and you’ll ultimately spend years of your life familiarizing yourself with all things coding related.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to take the plunge? If so, we believe you should spend some time going over our beginner’s guide to code level insights. This will help you garner a basic understanding of Microsoft Insights; provide some tips and tricks, and also a warning or two. After you’re through, you’ll have an enough knowledge and understanding to get your foot in the door as you begin your career as a developer.

While you’re at it, it’s also wise to learn about load testing. To gain great knowledge and insight about this practice, we recommend reading what is load testing? Examples, tutorials & more.

Discovering Slow SQL Queries Is a Key Limitation

The best thing about Application Insights is its reporting. You can get information so detailed including the database name and server being accessed, that’s just how thorough the reporting features are.

Unfortunately, when it comes to individual queries, there’s no way to see how long these are going to take, and the entire process is very slow, which makes it really difficult to deal with. When you’re in a rush, this slow process may even seem painful when you need your SQL queries much faster.

Are you using SQL Azure? It has some tuning advisory functions built into the program, which will certainly make a difference. So look into that and see if there’s any way to speed up queries even further.

The Information Provided on SQL Query Times Is Not Necessarily Correct Every Time

As a beginner, you may not realize that the SQL query times aren’t always going to be correct. As a matter of fact, as far as the timings are concerned, the only thing you actually get to see is the amount of time it takes to actually execute the query on the server.

As an example, let’s say you run a simple query. Even if the simple query happens to select a large amount of data, it’s not always going to appear that the query took as long as it actually did. In fact, it’s quite possible that it will take much more time to technically download the true query results.

In another example, if the query says that it takes 83 milliseconds, this isn’t always going to be the truth. In fact, when it comes to the download, it could take another 60 milliseconds to download and then iterate the overall results. So you have to look at your requests and see if there are missing time gaps. This scenario could create this problem, and this is especially true if you’re returning an ample amount of data.

A Warning about Dynamic SQL Queries and Sensitive Data

Although it may not seem like it on the surface, it’s important to note that using code with dynamic SQL and Application Insights means that the full query will be collected and then uploaded to Azure.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means any private data including credit card numbers and personal information was uploaded to Microsoft’s server. So keep that in mind in the future about dynamic SQL queries.


As you can imagine, we’ve just scratched the surface with information regarding code level insights. If you really like coding and you like the challenge it presents, you’re in for a treat so focus, learn the ropes, and you’ll continue to improve in this rewarding field.

Author: Wendy Dessler

How Artificial intelligence(AI) is Unlocking the Future

As the aspiration of human is growing so as the technology. With this, the demand for automation is also growing. So, we invented the term artificial intelligence. This helps the human generation to get fully automated. Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence exhibit by machines and computer.

Well, how many of us want to feel the essence of the future world. Almost all, now let me explain you how fast this technology is expanding across the universe.

Applications of the AI in the Present Era:

I think everyone among us recognises Sophia, a robot which resembles human completely! Sophia can walk can see and remember faces like we all can. Apart from it, Sophia has ability to show more than 50 facial expressions. And most important part is that it can track faces, recognize emotion in which we human lacks. Well, this could be a perfect example of AI.

There are many other robots are as well which are used for dangerous jobs such as autonomous robots in defense, machine robots in manufacturing industry where the temperature could be in peak, where no human can survive. AI reduced the life threat without having any impact on quality of work.

Next, Alexa, can we have some music!! We have heard this line before. Isn’t it? Products like Alexa, google assistant, Siri are the examples of virtual assistant chatbot. A chatbot is a program which runs on dialogue systems.

These chatbots assists industries to attract more qualified leads for the business by eliminating human hands from the complex operations such as consumer support and services. According to a survey conducted in the year 2016, Facebook Messenger has 30,000 chatbots in a few months after its launch.

An autonomous vehicle, the vehicle with no driver. Will you prefer to take a seat on this vehicle which is completely automated and safe? Maybe yes! And, Some of us has already taken a step towards future. In current scenario google, uber and Tesla are working on Autonomous cars. The car which senses the surrounding and accordingly works on that.

Some of you might be thinking the above-given examples are in personal upfront what about professional. Then, did we heard about digital marketing.

With AI, the business can directly link to its clients/customers. The benefit of AI is that each and every client can directly interact within a fraction of seconds. The customer can view and see the other details of the product before buying and the company can increase its revenue, by removing the mediocre.

AI also helps the user to get an overview and decide their opinion about the product as the user can check out various informative data regarding the product. Machine learning and AI together are one of the booming concept across globe. It helps the marketer to understand their target audience and make predictions which may help them in accurate decision making. In simple words, a complete analysis from the user and marketer help them in clear prediction and decision. Companies use various AI-enabled tools such as recommendation engine, analytics, automated chatbots etc., to deliver valuable services to their consumers.

With continuous change in business environment, it brings stress as well. To cope up with such scenarios, artificial intelligence has replaced the manpower reducing the involved risks and the variability. Also, it helps to counsel the user from any place and at any time.

In architecture, AI assists for developing a bigger structure. Artificial intelligence has solved numerous problems which a human can’t because of the shortage of keeping that information in mind. And AI manipulates and deals with all these information presenting accurate outcomes in minimum time. With effective planning, coordination, and management, the development and repair operations become easier with low upfront cost and higher efficiency. For instance, we can take a look at Pittsburgh, Rapid Flow Technologies which reduced the weight of traffic lights by 40% without compromising light travel time. In fact, it was increased by 25%.

In banking, or other sectors dealing in finance, gets the benefit of AI. By installing face recognising equipment, security-enhanced, payments are made easier and fraud cases are minimised.


These words might help you think beyond imagination. Use your imagination and curiosity to develop something new by using artificial intelligence. As we all know that there is always a negative aspect of all the things. But still, if we want new things, achieve more and relax more. We all have heard quote by Bill Gates, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”.

So, we have to explore more and build new things. Then maybe someday we can change the future.


Varun Datta is a serial Entrepreneur and a vivid writer who loves to share what he has learnt in his Entrepreneurial Journey. He has founded multiple companies, out of which is the most innovative one.  It is a waste to energy enterprise which is wholly focused on the production of electricity in order to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies.

How AI Affects Error Handling And Testing


According to recent studies, artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans in nearly 16 percent of all jobs within the next decade. Many industries already use AI to perform a number of different tasks.

For years, professionals in the world of app development have used AI and other tech-based tools to test their programs before launching them. Successful mobile app developers realize just how important testing a product is before offering it up for mass consumption.

With adequate testing, you will be able to find out where the performance bottlenecks are in your program and how to fix them properly. Read below to find out more about how AI is shaping the world of app testing and error handling.

Avoid Issues Related to Resource Scarcity and Time Restraints 

Most app developers have a very full schedule. If you are an entrepreneur as well as a developer, you know how hard it can be to adequately test an app before release. Thoroughly testing an app before launch is the only way to ensure it is reliable and fit for mass consumption. Most PHP developers are in pursuit of deploying their programs as quickly as possible, which can lead to big problems in the future.

Using AI to automate the app testing process can benefit your company greatly. Most app testing involves repeatedly testing the same functions. This is why using computers to handle this work is a good idea. With the help of AI, you can reduce the chance of human errors during the testing process. Each of the tests performed by an AI program will be thorough.

Once the AI program has finished the testing process, they will provide a detailed breakdown of the problems that were found. It is your job to take this report and figure out ways to address the pain points within in your app.

Get the Instant Feedback You Need 

Using AI in the app testing process will also provide you with the instant feedback you are looking for. The state of the art analytics used in these AI programs will easily identify app hotspots and perform test cases on these areas. An AI testing program will perform a series of similar inputs and then provide you with information on the outputs they produced.

Trying to perform this mundane and repetitive task on your own can be quite boring and will usually result in errors being made. By allowing an AI program to mimic these input-based scenarios, you can get the information needed to make your app run better even when it is being used by millions of people.

Once you have launched your app, using python network monitoring & error handling | AppOptics is a good idea. With the help of this program, you can identify coding problems that may be prohibiting your app from running at peak efficiency. While optimizing an app can be lots of hard work, it will definitely pay off in the long run.


Gain Insights Into Your App With Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics 

If you are like most app developers, you have a test suite constructed to test the programs you build. These automated suites will generally produce a vast amount of data. Allowing an AI-based program to review this data can be very beneficial.

These programs can do everything from identifying app defects to predicting the overall quality of the program. This data can also be used to predict parameters of the app’s various processes and prescribe the best course of action to take to get the most out of the program in question.

Your goal as an app developer should be to identify less obvious faults that may cause usage failures over time. While you will have a hard time spotting these defects on your own, it will be much easier when choosing an AI-based app testing program.

Analyzing App Defects With Ease 

Are you looking for a way to speed up the app testing and defect analysis process? The best way to do this without compromising the functionality of your program is with the help of AI. These programs are designed to thoroughly test apps and bring to light any harmful defects that may exist.

Providing users with a reliable app is a lot harder than you may think. Getting in a big hurry during the app testing process will usually lead to your app getting overwhelmed shortly after launch. If parts of your code aren’t correct, it can lead to a less than stellar user experience. Rather than trying to inspect each element and line of code in an app, you need to utilize the power of AI.


Chatbot Testing is Essential 

Some app developers think that chatbots are only used on ecommerce websites, but this is not the case at all. Many new apps use this features to provide users with the help they need. If you are a business owner looking to add a human element to your new app, then using chatbots is a great idea.

Before launching this feature, you need to thoroughly test it to ensure it works properly. The effectiveness of a chatbot program relies heavily on the quality of your app. With the help of programs like QMetry BOT Tester, it will be easy to automate the chatbot testing process.

The last thing you want is to provide a live chat feature that doesn’t work for users. Instead of leaving this important part of your app to chance, you need to use AI to test and optimize your live chat feature. Even if you have to invest a great deal of money to acquire these technologically advanced tools, it will be worth the investment. With the right AI program, you can optimize your apps before they hit the market.

Are you unsure about what type of AI programs to use for your app testing needs? With a bit of online research, you should have no problem selecting a program that is both effective and easy to operate.

Author: Wendy Dessler

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future Technology?

A few years ago, artificial intelligence was just talked about in science fiction movies. We were amazed to see the capabilities of machines in these movies. These machines can understand the human language, respond and perform tasks that we generally haven’t seen machines to perform.  Artificial intelligence has been projected as an evil in these movies where AI robots rebel against the human race. However, the reality is far different from the movies.

  • In real life, artificial intelligence is assisting the humans in many ways. Some of us even might not be aware of artificial intelligence applications in day to day life. Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Allo, automated ticketing systems, smart homes are all real-life examples of artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence is not something new. AI and machine learning are here for quite some time now. Recent advancements and rigorous research in artificial intelligence have caught eyes of the general masses. Also, the use of artificial intelligence by technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Tesla etc have made artificial intelligence more popular as they have maximum outreach worldwide. People are getting familiar with artificial intelligence technologies and want to learn more about it.

Artificial intelligence in Future

  • Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that deals with the making of intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence machines can perform a task that would otherwise require human intelligence. These machines can perform autonomously without being explicitly programmed.
  • Artificial intelligence is the technology of the future. We have seen internet changing the whole scenario of the digital world. Now its the time of artificial intelligence to be an agent of change. There will be no limit to what artificial intelligence an achieve in technology. From finding a new planet in the galaxy to predicting the earthquake. From understanding the sea level rise to keeping an eye on climate change. Artificial intelligence is here to transform the future of technology.
  • Artificial intelligence is a vast concept. Narrowing it a bit, let us move towards the machine learning from where the actual AI implementation begins. Machine learning is the subset of artificial intelligence that deals with the concept of neural networks. These artificial neural networks mimic the human brain neurons. This is known as deep learning neural networks and has the ability to perform complex tasks like digital image processing, automated data annotation and many more.

Let us now see some of the future implications of artificial intelligence:

AI in Robotic Scientists

Artificial intelligence and deep learning will be playing a major role in the scientific discovery. The upcoming future will be witnessing the revolution in research and development in business intelligence solutions. AI robots can prove theorems, make observations and perform experiments with the scientists. Artificial intelligence and data analytics is playing a prominent role in the drug discovery. Deep learning neural networks have the ability to perform thousands of permutations and combinations per minute. Machine learning algorithms are used in synthetic biology to build microorganisms for various purposes.

AI in Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis is taken over by the artificial intelligence machines. Artificial intelligence and machine learning require three basic pillars to function properly. These are huge datasets, faster computers, and better AI models. Artificial intelligence machines have the capability to perform millions of calculations at the speed of the blink of an eye. AI machines have the capability to remember millions of facts and figures. This makes the data crunching ability of AI machines to a superhuman level. Various data mining techniques have made AI machines to dive deep into the sea of data to generate powerful insight.

AI in Transport

The transport system has tremendously improved over the past few years. Smart ticketing systems, bullet trains, and other exciting advancements have taken transportation to next level. Artificial intelligence is further revolutionizing the transportation. Google’s self-driving car was first tested in 2012. The concept of driverless cars was something new and exciting for the general masses. Since then Google is making improvements in self-driving cars. Self-driving cars use computer vision and digital image processing to detect the obstacles. Natural language processing helps to interact with the car and giving instructions to the car.

AI performs dangeuros jobs

Many times humans have to perform tasks that are risky and life-threatening. Artificial intelligence machines and robots have helped in performing the hazardous and dangerous jobs. Artificial intelligence machines can perform in any environment. Deep learning neural networks have the capability to perform tasks autonomously at any physical condition. They have found applications in hazardous jobs like spying drones, high-temperature furnaces in oil and gas plants or working at dizzy heights. This has ensured the human safety that too without compromising the quality of work.


In the upcoming future, machines will become more and more intelligent and there will be practically nothing left that machines can’t do. Artificial intelligence will become a part of our everyday life and living without AI would be unimaginable. Artificial intelligence services will help our society in many ways. Improved transport, performing hazardous tasks, solving climatic change issues, astronomical researches and many more. Further research in artificial intelligence will make the world to become a better place to live in.


Mandeep Kaur | Webtunix

The Fast and Functional- Ways to Accelerate Test Automation

Today, technology by itself isn’t the need of the hour. Delivering solutions at the right time is the real game changer. Keeping that in mind, most of the industry has already taken steps to fasten this process: embracing agile development, automating the delivery pipeline, etc. However, this isn’t enough. Business demands more software ever so often and needs it to be made available as fast as possible. So, what can be done to live up to the market’s ever-changing expectations concerning solutions and the time-to-market?

Shift Left
A study conducted by SQS revealed that 56% of defects originated during the requirement phase of the project. This being an incredibly high percentage, led to the adoption of the shift-left model. This approach focuses on quality from the very beginning of the project. As a result, it leads to an improvement in the ability to detect and rectify defects as and when they occur. In turn, all this results in reducing time-to-market.

Get organized
Even though this doesn’t seem necessary and not a day-to-day priority, keeping your tests organized will help streamline and speed up the process for you in the future. Keep your test cases clean and reusable and automate features at the unit level. Following good test management methods is essential. Further on, securing accurate data, and maintaining clean automation reports will make it easier for your team to run tests whenever required.

Automate the Right Way
It is common knowledge that automating tests makes things exponentially faster and simple. However, not many seem to be aware that automating the wrong test cases slows down the progress. Exploratory testing is required for new test cases and doing it at the beginning itself will save you the headache of going back and doing it later after you’ve already tried to automate it. Therefore, before you start running them, understanding the best cases to automate will prevent you from wasting time.

Go Script-less
Adopting script-less automation will allow you to take advantage of your existing functional testers by not making them learn new scripting languages, thereby speeding up the process. Script-less automation tools will help you leverage your existing domain experts.

Using Parallel Testing
Automation gets the required boost with parallel testing, as it allows different tests to run simultaneously. If you can understand the importance of the same tests across devices, multiple browsers, and operating systems, you can also see the benefit of doing this all at once with parallel testing rather than running the script repeatedly on different configurations.

Balancing quality and speed isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s something you will learn better along the way. The strategies mentioned above will help you in working towards faster test automation.

Author: Monica Paul 

RPA, the Next Logical Skill for Testing Professionals

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not a new technology. It has been more of a backseat sleeper until a few years ago. In fact, strong roots of this disruptive technology can be traced back to screen-scraping tools from the late 1990’s.

Be that as it may, the credit of being RPA’s spiritual forerunner is given to automation used for unit testing and regression testing by quality assurance engineers in the early 2000’s. This reduced process times significantly and paved way for cost and time saving in the testing field.

Inadvertently, modern RPA has many predecessors that have been used in day-to-day life for almost a decade now. This includes automated bots that post on social media and send out bulk emails or just converse with people over the web. Even the interactive voice response (IVR) systems used in call centers for customer service calls are an early form of RPA.

With that out of the way, let’s try and understand what is RPA, how it will affect the testing field and why you should learn RPA online this year.

What is RPA?

Before delving into RPA’s importance in the testing field and the prospects this buzzing technology presents, let’s first understand what is RPA.

RPA is a new-age division in the automation field that deals with software robots mimicking human actions to perform a sequence of measures to complete a given process. In more ways than one, RPA can be compared to industrial automation done with robots.

Like how robots in a factory work on iterative, bulk processes, RPA bots do the same but for software jobs. This could include bulk data entry, running of email campaigns, generation of invoices or any one of the millions of iterative tasks that are necessary in the current IT world.

This technology is a powerhouse which is evident by McKinsey and Company’s estimate that RPA’s impact on the global economy will be as high as $6.7 trillion by 2025. This analysis is based on the automation technology’s awesome ability to challenge the output of 110 million to 140 million full-time equivalents.

RPA for Testing Professionals

While RPA is a profile that any IT professional can get into, if you’ve been paying attention to the industry trends you might be aware that it is ideal for testing professionals. In fact, more than 70 percent of job postings in the RPA field, currently, require a good deal of experience in testing, automation or otherwise.

But, why is this?

If you didn’t know already, RPA tools can be coupled with testing tools to enhance testing.

RPA bots can be taught how to initiate and execute test cases over tools like Selenium. This reduces a professional’s efforts in end-to-end testing. It also makes the overall system more efficient and less prone to human error.

To top it off, RPA bots can be trained at an early stage of a testing cycle and reused with slight tweaks in different projects. These bots can also extract raw data and information and deliver this to the target code from the front and back-ends without making any significant changes to the existing infrastructure.

Using RPA has the following advantages:

  1. The system has zero downtime
  2. The system is faster, more accurate, more efficient, and saves a lot of time
  3. The process is automated, so testing professionals can devote this time on other projects or on creating other bots which in turn increases employee productivity
  4. There is zero room for error
  5. The system is consistent
  6. Improved analytics are obtained as everything is logged
  7. The overall paucity of the process is reduced
  8. RPA offers cost effective solutions

This covers the demand for testing professionals skilled with RPA in the testing profile. But, what about other areas?

While testing might cover about 30 percent of the profiles for RPA job openings, the remaining are in other fields. Let’s now understand why a testing professional is ideal for any job in RPA, not just testing.

If you have seen any of the RPA tools like UiPath, BluePrism or Automation Anywhere in action, you will know that each of them has a good deal of similarities to automation testing tools like Selenium. Moreover, if you are proficient with automation testing, working on RPA will not be a challenging task for you.

Add on the advantages RPA brings to the table, companies can save a lot in terms of investment and time. Because of this, most companies are currently hiring testing professionals skilled with RPA tools. The pros of RPA that we discussed earlier are not just limited to the testing field, they are applicable in any field to which RPA is applied.

So, as we have seen, adding RPA as a skill will not just help testing professionals progress in their testing career, it will also open the door to new career opportunities. RPA is currently in demand in several different technology fields. These include software development, BPOs and KPOs, government organizations etc. Companies hiring for RPA professionals include Microsoft, HP, IBM, TCS, Dell and hundreds more.

According to Gartner, the demand for RPA is growing rapidly, roughly 20 to 30 percent every quarter. So, what are you waiting for? Add an RPA tool to your resume and get into a role that is going to be in trend for at least the next couple of decades.


Mir Juned | Edureka

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