Interesting Reasons Why Chrome is better than All Other Browsers

Number of Internet Explorer that you can use on your computer or your laptop, there is no denying that Google Chrome out beats them all by a huge margin. Whether you use an explorer on your phone, whether you plan to use it on your computer, Google Chrome is one of the most convenient and easy to use internet browsers that you will find.

If you are still confused whether you should switch to a new browser or continue using Google Chrome then here are some interesting facts about Google Chrome that makes it better than all the other explorers that are available in the market.


One of the best things about using Google Chrome is that it is a very simple to use Internet Explorer and it happens to be very user-friendly. The design of Google Chrome is clean, and it is not over the top in any manner. Most browsers have multiple link that they ask you to click on and too much information and fluff that is loaded on the site. This is something that is not on Google Chrome and this is exactly what makes it a simple and convenient to use browser that comes with an interface that works perfectly for people of all age groups.


Time is of the essence today, and the last thing people want is to spend too much time waiting for a page to load. The best thing about Google Chrome is that it has quick speed and it ensures that even with Limited connectivity heavy pages open a lot faster in comparison to the other browsers available.

There are times that people face the err connection error with Google Chrome, but this is something that is very my no and you can now learn how to fix err connection reset problem on your own without having to switch to a browser that is not as convenient and simple to use as Google Chrome.


Google is one of the best web based services that you will find which automatically supports the fact that the security available on this browser will be better than any of the Other browsers that you use. Whether it comes to preventing a virus or a Malware attack, ensuring that all the bug fixes are done on time making sure that you do not download a file that is unsafe, using Chrome is definitely a better solution because of the various security benefits that it comes with.

Add Ons

Google Chrome is an interesting browser that allows you to have better and more defined experiences on the web by using various add-ons that can work out to your benefit. There are a number of extensions you will find on the Google Chrome tab that make it convenient for you to use the browser to way you want. Not only does it allow you to add whatever you want to from the internet, it also enables you to block advertisements, popups and other such information that could frustrate you during your browsing experience. There is no denying that when it comes to personalizing your browsing experience Google Chrome is definitely the most effective way to do it.

Platform Independent

Google Chrome is an independent web browser. This browser can be compatible with almost every operating system and this makes it more user-friendly than ever. The best part about using Chrome is that you can extend the service on your mobile phone and you can have your browser history merged together making it easy for you to continuously work without any interruptions or break even when you need to switch devices.


One of the best ways to figure out just how interesting and effective Google Chrome is is to check how popular the browser is. Over 60% people in the market have confessed to preparing Google Chrome over any other web browser. From Safari to Firefox, there is no comparison between these browsers mainly because of the various benefits and independent features that Google Chrome has to offer. Ever since Google Chrome was introduced in 2008, no other browser has managed to gain as much popularity as compared to Google Chrome, making at the number one pick for people of all age groups across the globe.

Quick Updates

There are some amazing updates that keep coming up on Google Chrome from time to time, and the best part about this update is that you can get it done with the click of a button within a matter of minutes. Unlike most browser that you need to uninstall and reinstall in order for it to get updated, with Google Chrome you just need to go to the extensions and get the update whenever it is available. This is the most user friendly update that you will find.

Easy Migration

People these days are always short on types and one of the best thing about Google Chrome is that it understand how important it is for you to get things done fast. This is where the Google Chrome migration feature comes in Play. It is very convenient for you to migrate all your information from one system to another and get a personalized experience with the use of Google Chrome. Your entire bookmark and other information can automatically be transferred to multiple devices making it convenient for you to use that information and access it whenever required.

Apart from that, chrome also enables you to sign into old your Google account saving you a lot of time and ensuring that you can get audio information by the click of a button. The design of the browser itself is simple and effective and is being created for you to work seamlessly without wasting any time. Send it belongs to one of the largest companies in the world, you can be rest assured that when you use Google Chrome on your information remains confidential and nothing can get leaked out.

Author: Sohel Ather


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