Is Artificial Intelligence the Future Technology?

A few years ago, artificial intelligence was just talked about in science fiction movies. We were amazed to see the capabilities of machines in these movies. These machines can understand the human language, respond and perform tasks that we generally haven’t seen machines to perform.  Artificial intelligence has been projected as an evil in these movies where AI robots rebel against the human race. However, the reality is far different from the movies.

  • In real life, artificial intelligence is assisting the humans in many ways. Some of us even might not be aware of artificial intelligence applications in day to day life. Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Allo, automated ticketing systems, smart homes are all real-life examples of artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence is not something new. AI and machine learning are here for quite some time now. Recent advancements and rigorous research in artificial intelligence have caught eyes of the general masses. Also, the use of artificial intelligence by technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Tesla etc have made artificial intelligence more popular as they have maximum outreach worldwide. People are getting familiar with artificial intelligence technologies and want to learn more about it.

Artificial intelligence in Future

  • Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that deals with the making of intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence machines can perform a task that would otherwise require human intelligence. These machines can perform autonomously without being explicitly programmed.
  • Artificial intelligence is the technology of the future. We have seen internet changing the whole scenario of the digital world. Now its the time of artificial intelligence to be an agent of change. There will be no limit to what artificial intelligence an achieve in technology. From finding a new planet in the galaxy to predicting the earthquake. From understanding the sea level rise to keeping an eye on climate change. Artificial intelligence is here to transform the future of technology.
  • Artificial intelligence is a vast concept. Narrowing it a bit, let us move towards the machine learning from where the actual AI implementation begins. Machine learning is the subset of artificial intelligence that deals with the concept of neural networks. These artificial neural networks mimic the human brain neurons. This is known as deep learning neural networks and has the ability to perform complex tasks like digital image processing, automated data annotation and many more.

Let us now see some of the future implications of artificial intelligence:

AI in Robotic Scientists

Artificial intelligence and deep learning will be playing a major role in the scientific discovery. The upcoming future will be witnessing the revolution in research and development in business intelligence solutions. AI robots can prove theorems, make observations and perform experiments with the scientists. Artificial intelligence and data analytics is playing a prominent role in the drug discovery. Deep learning neural networks have the ability to perform thousands of permutations and combinations per minute. Machine learning algorithms are used in synthetic biology to build microorganisms for various purposes.

AI in Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis is taken over by the artificial intelligence machines. Artificial intelligence and machine learning require three basic pillars to function properly. These are huge datasets, faster computers, and better AI models. Artificial intelligence machines have the capability to perform millions of calculations at the speed of the blink of an eye. AI machines have the capability to remember millions of facts and figures. This makes the data crunching ability of AI machines to a superhuman level. Various data mining techniques have made AI machines to dive deep into the sea of data to generate powerful insight.

AI in Transport

The transport system has tremendously improved over the past few years. Smart ticketing systems, bullet trains, and other exciting advancements have taken transportation to next level. Artificial intelligence is further revolutionizing the transportation. Google’s self-driving car was first tested in 2012. The concept of driverless cars was something new and exciting for the general masses. Since then Google is making improvements in self-driving cars. Self-driving cars use computer vision and digital image processing to detect the obstacles. Natural language processing helps to interact with the car and giving instructions to the car.

AI performs dangeuros jobs

Many times humans have to perform tasks that are risky and life-threatening. Artificial intelligence machines and robots have helped in performing the hazardous and dangerous jobs. Artificial intelligence machines can perform in any environment. Deep learning neural networks have the capability to perform tasks autonomously at any physical condition. They have found applications in hazardous jobs like spying drones, high-temperature furnaces in oil and gas plants or working at dizzy heights. This has ensured the human safety that too without compromising the quality of work.


In the upcoming future, machines will become more and more intelligent and there will be practically nothing left that machines can’t do. Artificial intelligence will become a part of our everyday life and living without AI would be unimaginable. Artificial intelligence services will help our society in many ways. Improved transport, performing hazardous tasks, solving climatic change issues, astronomical researches and many more. Further research in artificial intelligence will make the world to become a better place to live in.


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