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Nowadays, photo editing is becoming more and more accessible to everyone, thanks in part to a range of great tools available online. One type of editing that is particularly useful to master is background removal.

Removing photo backgrounds can save the day for so many photo projects. Maybe you want to cut out the subject of an image to use in a montage, or maybe you need a transparent background for a product photo or logo. Whatever the reason, you should have a go-to solution for background removal.

There are many background erasers to choose from online. In this post, we look at inPixio’s Remove Background tool, which has quickly gained a following since its release last year.  This free editing application makes it easy to remove backgrounds from images and other images in just a few clicks.

How to use the Remove Background Tool

inPixio Remove Background is a 100% online application with nothing to download and no need to sign up. The interface is clear and minimalist, and easy for anyone to navigate. Here are the steps for achieving a perfect photo cutout:

  1. Choose a Picture

There are a few options for importing a photo. You can upload from your cell phone or computer, drag and drop an image file, or enter an image URL. Remove Background also lets you import additional images at the editing stage, so that you can work on multiple photos at the same time.

  1. Erase the Background

The process for background removal is very simple, with markers to highlight the areas to keep and erase. Use the red “remove” brush to mark areas that you want to erase. Then use the green “keep” brush to highlight areas that you want to preserve. Finally, hit “apply” and let the algorithm do its work.

If you highlight the wrong area by accident, you can use the erase tool to correct your markings. Another good tip is to zoom in on the image to tackle more detailed areas, and use the slider to adjust the amount of feathering around the edges of the image.

  1. Download Your Image

You can keep adding and removing markings and adjusting settings until you get your perfect cutout. Once you’re happy with the result, click “Save my photo” to download your finished image in .jpg format

Which photos work best with a background eraser?

inPixio’s Remove Background works well on a wide range of photos, from holiday snaps to product shots. A good tip is to choose images with contrasting foreground and background colors. This makes it easier for the background-erasing algorithm to do its job with minimum effort from you.

Remove Background is particularly popular with Amazon and eBay merchants who use the tool to create clean and professional-looking product photos that increase conversions. For product marketers and web developers, this application is useful for creating various marketing content.

Once you have removed your photo background, you can use your photo cutout to make all kinds of creative montage. You could also investigate some of inPixio’s other free tools such as Free Photo Editor or Add Text to Photo, to add the finishing touches to your new image.

Why choose inPixio Remove Background?

Photo software can sometimes seem difficult to use, not to mention expensive to buy. For basic editing such as background removal, free tools can do the job easily and successfully. This is particularly true of inPixio’s Remove Background tool.

The application is straightforward to use yet consistent in delivering quality results. Unlike fully automatic background erasers, it also gives you some control over the process, enabling you to fine-tune your cutout with the markers and feathering tool.

Whether you’re editing photos for business or personal use, this free photo editing app does exactly what it promises – remove image backgrounds with ease to provide the perfect base for all your creations.

With photo editing for ecommerce and social media becoming an everyday task, having access to quality free tools such as InPixio’s Remove Background can help you stay one step ahead with your photos!

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