Software Testing Trends- For Bigger and Better Growth of Every Brand!

We are living in an era where business digitalization and mobilization brings a ton of latest technologies in software development with many testing trends of testing. Quality Assurance Industry is blooming and there is a huge reason behind it.

Throughout this article, we will discuss how software testing trends can change our future in a revolutionary way.

Let’s begin then.

The QA team plays a crucial role in assuring any software’s reliability. AS we all know that the QA department is one of the best team that helps in defining the loose points of websites or application before launching them into the market for use of clients. Testing is believed to be an important part of software development where entire QA initiatives help developers to end up in perfect bug-free software. Due to this reason, we are standing here today discussing the scope of testing incoming time or future.There are many training centers that can train you well in Software testing, but be very careful while choosing the best suit for you because it is all about your future. JanBask Training is one the leading choice for software testing aspirants.

1). Possible Prospects for Mobile Application Testing

There is a revolutionary increase in the use of Mobile applications. So, this is the right time to prioritize the software used throughout the world because it has already created a huge challenge for all software developers for delivering the applications that are already tested by skilled testers. The number of mobile and other smart devices is expected to grow more rapidly in the coming future. This is making us think about the gadgets are becoming a prime mode of communication for every business. People are installing thousands of applications every hour and this brings the demand of testers into a new height. Mobile testing is the need of the time we are living because mobile application testing is entirely different from any other desktop testing. This difference comes due to the complexity of mobile applications and its usage. Security testing and many other testing skills are very much essential now. The rapid evolution of the software testing industry is allowing developers to increase their testing skills and related knowledge.

The implications of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as automation testing, are increasing rapidly. It is necessary to keep our eyes on all latest technologies evolving around us.  This also includes the trending usage of DevOps along with the automation testing tools. If you will not be careful enough, then it will become difficult for managing test data and other release schedules and other environments.

It is the fact that even a single software can’t be released without testing and fixing all the possible bugs. Developers and testers know all of QA as well as Software testing procedures that are used everywhere. This industry is evolving like never before and testing trends are becoming popular day by day because it is providing an assurance for a better future. It is always good to forecast and then predict the future and this is what we are doing.

2). Software testing industry will grow more with Open Source

In the present situation, the open source has become a main alternative for the commercial tools, for keeping the availability for free as well as accessible for the required customization. Today we have many options for open source wen application automation testing. Selenium has also gained many advantages and weight due to its ability to enable the capability of writing the automated test scripts in various languages like JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. They have a great sense of reliability.  This will also allow brands in opting the convenient programming language proficiency.

3). Industry-specific Testing needs will be a great advantage

Various industries like healthcare, banking, retail, etc. demand different types of testing based on the industry. Industry-specific testing is a great advantage because it helps in achieving desired results more effectively. Mobile applications are very much popular in every industry and this application works differently according to their respective industries. Hence, these applications should be tested in a different way all together for better performance. Industry-specific testing is becoming a prime necessity when it comes to performing testing specifically. Like when you test an application that is to be used by a bank is entirely different from that of testing an application for the retail industry. Right from writing test cases to testing all of them is different due to the difference in the functionality of different industries. The demand for skilled software testing professionals is increasing tremendously so that the gap between the testing pattern and domain knowledge can be fulfilled.

4). Demand for Security Testing will grow more

Digitization is making cyber-attack more common, and this is increasing the demand for Security testing to a great extent. Security is one of the main concerns of online businesses and it is a threat for all the data stored on the online platform. Businesses are now more prone to cyber-attacks and hence security breaches should be a main concern. No wonder if your organization is also concerned about security testing.


We tried to analyze why the software testing trend is changing rapidly and why is it given more importance than ever. As the demand for security testing will grow more, Industry specific Testing needs will be a great advantage and Software testing industry will grow more with Open Source. These trends will definitely shape our future wonderfully and JanBask Training is an efficient platform for becoming skilled enough to grow more in software testing industry.

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