Test Plan Template

What is Test Plan?

In software testing industry, a test plan refers to a document with the information related to the coming test activities conducted in a project. Team members and stakeholders can follow the plan for the best preparation before the project and for the status during their project. In general, a test plan may include testing approach, the scope of tests, required resources, and the estimated schedule of all the activities in a testing project.

What is Test Plan?

It normally identifies the details such as test items, which specific features to be tested, list of tasks, allocated personnel for each of task, required test environment, which technique to be applied, which criteria for entry and exit, any forecasted risks to be managed, so on.

Test Plan is considered the very first step and among the most essential parts of a testing project as it helps things run smoothly and meet the project expectation. Test Plan needs to be flexible and up to date, depending on the real situation and status of the project.

Why Test Plan?
  • A solid test plan provides details so that testing team can get ready for the coming stages, in term of effort and resources.
  • Test plan is a kind of communication. It keeps the team and stakeholders updated on the strategy and status of the testing project.
  • Better risk management as those risks could be estimated and controlled at the early stage.
  • Important items are stored in the document, which can be utilized for later projects.

Why Test Plan?

What is inside a Test Plan?

The Software Test Plan Template is various for different projects. However, it normally includes some basic parts below (as suggested by IEEE standard):

1. Test Plan Identifier

2. References

3. Introduction

4. Test functions (items)

5. Software Risk Issues

Software Risk Issues

6. Features to be tested

7. Features not to be tested

8. Strategy (Approach)

Strategy (Approach)

9. Pass/Fail criteria

10. Suspension Criteria and Resumption Requirements

11. Test Deliverables

12. Remaining Test Tasks

13. Test Environment

14. Staffing and Training Needs

15. Responsibilities

16. Schedule

17. Risk management

18. Approvals

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