TheOneSpy computer and android spy software

TheOneSpy is basically a cell phone and computer monitoring app that empower its users to spy on the target cell phone of Android, IOS, and blackberries and further on windows and computer machines. The reason behind its development is to set parental control on kids and teens device for parenting point of view. Furthermore, it boosts up the company’s productivity because an employer can spy on their company’s owned machines and gadgets. However, a user can spy on their partner and spouse to prevent cheating, because the extramarital affairs or cyber infidelity is on the rise over the last few years since the user has got the social messaging apps on their cell phones.

Let’s discuss all the features of computer and android spy software individually.

Cell phone spy app for android features

Call spy

The user can record and listen to the calls proceeding on the target cell phone with secret call recorder of the android phone spy app. The user can further save the recorded material on the online dashboard.

Phone bugging

The user can record and listen to the surround Voices and conversation happen around the target phone of Android OS by hacking the MIC of the phone with MIC bug app. The user can view the surroundings with the spyvidcam bug of the phone spy app and can hack the front and back camera of the cell phone and user can view surround visuals by making short videos, and the user can remotely capture images with camera bug app.

TOS spy 360

A user can spy on the target cellphone of android activities in real-time with the help of spy 360 live surround listening. It helps out the user to spy on the surrounds voices and conversations and a user can listen to it and record it as well. You can use spy 360 live camera streaming and can view live surround visuals of the target Android smartphone. However, a user can share the screen of the phone to the web portal of the Android spyware for phones and user can view live activities happen to the target cell phone device.

Track GPS location

You can track the location of your target android cell phone with GPS location tracker and a further user can view the current and location of the target alongside the location history.

Spy on messages

You can read and view the sent or received text messages such as iMessages monitoring, SMS, MMS and heads up tickers notifications.

IM’s social media

You can spy on all the trendy instant messaging apps running on the target android cell phone with IM’s social media. It empowers the user to view IM’s logs such as chat conversations, shared media such as photos and videos, audio and videos voice conversation logs and last but not the least sent or received Voice messages.

Browsing History

The user can view all the visited websites URLs and bookmarked websites with the complete time stamp on the target android cell phone by using the browsing history of the android monitoring software.

Remotely control android phone

You can remotely view installed apps on the target Android phone and a further user can remotely control the activities happen on the device. A user can block the text messages, block the stranger’s incoming calls and can also block the internet on the target phone.

Computer monitoring app features (Windows +MAC)

TheOneSpy computer monitoring software provides the services for both PC and MAC monitoring to spy on Windows and MAC computer devices.

MAC spy app Features

Camera bug

The user can remotely hack the camera of the MAC computer machine and can view who is up to the device at the moment.

Website blocking

You can block all the websites that are time wasting or inappropriate for you, use website blocking of the MAC tracking app and deliver best shot.

Screen recording

The user can use the front camera of the MAC laptop device and can hack the camera to make short videos with screen recording of the MAC surveillance app and get to know the activities happen on the screen.


Remotely capture screenshots of the target MAC screen and keep an eye on the activities occurs on the MAC desktop computer.


Use keylogger of the MAC tracking spyware and get all the applied keystrokes on the target laptop MAC device. You will have password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes.

Windows spy app features

The user can use website blocking to block the websites running on the Windows device. Just put the URLs to the filters and end the job. Furthermore, the user can capture screenshots of all the activities happens on the windows machine screen. However, a user does real-time monitoring with real-time monitoring tool of the windows tracking app. Moreover, a user can use might alarms to get alerts about the certain activities and last but not the least user can user-friendly reports about all the activities happen to on the target windows computer desktop device.

Author: Sohel Ather

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