Top 8 Photo Editing Mobile Applications

Who does not love to click a photo, but the trend today is to click and post. People love posting photos on their social media websites and professional photographers love to edit their photos by adding the changes and colors that will create magic out of their photos. To fulfill this requirement, there have been a great number of photo editing apps being launched one after the other. However, in order to be in the top 10 photo editing apps, they have to be standing apart from the cluster. Certain applications with their extraordinary effects and resulting texture, make a place in the daily outset of people. This is what brings these applications as the best across many.


The first one is Snapseed. It has been one of the most popular photo editing applications for very long now. What makes it stand apart from the rest is the great number of features that it provides you. The number of filters is humongous and so are the different technicalities that it gives. You are so much at ease with this application. You talk about the best kind of contrast adjustment or even if we consider the best perspective correction, it is present. It thus ends up making your photo beautiful with its great filters and technical editing, present with the all in one concept. It has great tools that can be used by not just the professional photographers but also by amateurs and it ends up changing the entire mood of your captured photo. It makes it look professionally edited and very well textured. You can check out some helpful site, for better understanding of Snapseed and its use of PC.


VSCO is yet another very well-known photo-editing app. It is very well known for iPhone particularly. It has a good number of filters and if you want to create a vintage look then this one is one of the best photo editing apps that you can use. This photo-editing app will successfully end up taking your photo to the right texture of vintage era you are seeking for.

Superimpose X

To blend images is a great idea and that too when you want to post the best photos you need to create some unique artwork and this can be very easily done with the photo editing app superimpose X. You can create the best photos by blending all your images into an interesting artistic look and you can also create stunning images with its great exposure opportunities and different kind of those that you can use in to edit the image.

Lens Distortion

Natural element to a photo can create life in it and lens distortion is an app that enhances your captured images with a natural flair. It brings magic of life in the photo with genuine looking addition of natural look containing either snow or sometimes even shimmers or sunlight and the best part is that it has great mixture of colors making it look absolutely real. The high quality of super imposing makes your photo look true and that too so effortlessly you can end up creating a natural tinge with this photo.


Mextures is yet another photo-editing app that creates a blending of textures that make the photo get natural elements to it. The effects our easily adjustable and thus you can use the filters and tools to receive the absolute fine-tuning for your captured image. It is meant for applying a good amount of texture variation on your photos that can include different gradients as well.

Adobe Lightroom CC

No application can be used by both beginners as well as advanced photographers alike. It uses an interface which is very simple to understand. It is just a matter of quick one click and you get your work done. They are great creative tools to get the very professional photo editing done with comparatively simpler processing. It has a wide array of professional features, an adjustment associated with it, and the name itself is the brand when it comes to photography and photographs.


Aviary is one photo-editing app that can be for your quick simple photo editing required in day-to-day life with less professional touch to it. Be it a red eye problem in the photograph or unnecessary blemishes spoiling the look of your photo or even if you have a cosmetic issue with yellowish teeth that need to be whitened. All this can be done right with this app apart from the various filters and stickers it offers. Thus, this one is a quick to do app with great features and inbuilt purchases in the app as well. The best part is that on your phone itself you can quickly end up removing the cosmetic unwanted things from the photo without much technical efforts.


More control is always desired and if it is on the editing of your photo, then it can be one application that you would want to look out for photo editing. You have good amount of control on the detailing of the photo. You have the masking tool as well which can help you blend the most effective looks that you desire in your photo. It has an easy to work with user interface giving you a good experience on editing all together. However, yes this application is only available for app store.

Author: Sohel Ather

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